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Über uns

Impak was founded in the Spring of 2004 by three individuals of Pakistani descent, living on three separate continents. Sarah Karim (Pakistan), Mustafa Hadi (UK) and Bilaal Ahmed (US) had each independently formulated the idea for a program that brought youth and professionals living abroad closer to Pakistan and to the humanitarian issues facing the developing world. Through chance meetings, they shared perspectives and found a common purpose that became Impak.

Impak is a private, non-profit organization that seeks to bring positive change by connecting individuals to Pakistan through meaningful opportunities and experiences.

Impak is currently a volunteer-run organization, supported by a network of individuals spread out all over the world. In Pakistan, volunteers recruit organizational partners from the non-profit and private sector that fulfill its requirements for creating a substantive working environment for its program placements. In return,

Impak provides volunteers from abroad who can work effectively and provide a useful skill set. While overseeing volunteer placements, Impak supplements the program with workshops, field trips, and extensive excursions. In North America and the UK, Impak recruits potential candidates who have a desire to work in Pakistan through a rigorous selection process.

Impak also engages in other activities such as fundraising, outreach and networking with communities abroad, including the Pakistani diaspora.

Bilaal runs an "infomediary", a consulting startup that provides information services to public and non-governmental organizations in the Washington DC area. His interest in Impak stems from experiences in travelling and working abroad in various parts of the Middle East and, of course, Pakistan.

For other net participants we can deliver a lecture, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.