Rural Organisation for Social Education and Development

Valluvar Nagar, Thandalai Puthur (Post), Musiri Tk, Trichy Dt-621 217

Ansprechpartner: M.P.K. Durairaj

+91 (0)4326-273422


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Über uns

The ROSED is a registered non-profitable Social Service Organization. It is working in the field of environmental and ecology sustainable development activities since 2002. Since then the organization has adopting the following environmental activities i.e.:

- formation of farmer groups in village level,
- promoting the farmers or involving the low external input sustainable agricultural activities,
- promote vermic compost and organic manner in their field,
- promoting the tree plantation for sustainable livelihood,
- conducting exposed tours for experience sharing and field analysis,
- promote and protect the natural environment in its working area.

In this condition it has known its network is working for worldwide environmental activities.

M.P.K. Durairaj is the secretary of ROSED.

For other net participants we can procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.