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Über uns

DIYA is a youth based organization founded by a group of young professional activists in 2012 as “Youth Group” with the motto “Empower the Youth through Education”.

DIYA was registered under the Voluntarily Social Welfare Registration Act 1961, Registration No# F.DO/SW/CDD/GHK/AV-79 on 2nd April, 2013. DIYA is serving as a “Youth Resource Centre” for youth-led groups and organizations and offers training programs, exposure, and networking to strengthen the capacity of youth-led organizations from all over the Sindh.

DIYA is working on the issues of health/reproductive health (including HIV/AIDS), peace, interfaith harmony, civil education, career building, democracy and human rights while gender and meaningful youth participation is DIYA’s crosscutting themes, while DIYA employs innovative implements, such as interactive theatre, peer education, media and dialogues to engage with the young people and adults in the communities.

DIYA’s Vision:
A society based on socio-economic stability where every individual especially a poor feels comfortable to exercise his fundamental rights and betterment of Youth in rural areas of Pakistan.

DIYA’s Mission:
To strengthen the accessibility of underprivileged people towards fundamental rights i.e. quality education based on gender-justice, Peace, health, youth development and other facilities as provided by the public and private institutions.

DIYA’s Objectives:

1. To reduce poverty and illiteracy through awareness and advocacy.
2. To organize youth into groups and build their capacity so that they can play a vital role as “Change makers” for bringing sustainable development in their communities.
3. To introduce culture of respect, compromise, peace and harmony.
4. To serve as a resource centre for youth-led and or focused organisations and provide them a platform for networking and resource sharing.
5. Promoting and protecting human rights, focusing on women and children in Sindh.

DIYA works in partnership at grass-root level in Pakistan especially in Sindh province to develop effective bottom-up strategies. We have discovered three critical elements that, when combined, empower people to make rapid progress in overcoming illiteracy and poverty:

- Training and Capacity Building.
- Empowering women and youth as key change agents.
- Supporting local government in achieving basic human rights like education, health, child protection and women rights.

DIYA’s Programs:
- Youth Empowerment
- Institutional capacity Building
- Environment and Climate Change
- Peace and Harmony
- Democracy, Peace and Human Rights

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.