Bangladesh Association for Community Education (BACE)

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Über uns

Bangladesh Association for Community Education (BACE) is a non-government, non-profit making organization established in 1977.
BACE envisages a self reliant, poverty and illiteracy free healthy society prevails is Bangladesh.
The mission is to conduct and undertake sustainable education and development program through participatory process for empowering disadvantaged class / groups.

• Education: Pre-schools ECD and Adult & Continuous Education
• Scholarship / Stipend: BACE is the pioneer organization to introduce stipend/scholarship for the secondary level students specially the girls.
• Higher Education: BACE sponsored the "Karfulennesa Residential Women´s College" in Chandpur district.
• Human Resource Development: Vocational Training in Electrical house wiring, Mechanical, Freeze & Air-conditioner repair, Lathe & Welding, Computer, Carpentry, Industrial & domestic Sewing, embroidery, block-boutique and tie dye, automobile, music, dance and livelihood training
• Health Care: Project in Dinajpur district to ensure health facilities for children and disadvantaged community people
• Micro finance / Credit program: As a remedial measure BACE undertook credit support program along with the Education and training program to improve the economic conditions of the landless and poor people.
• Environment: BACE distributes saplings, water sealed latrine among the community people and also organizes seminar/workshops/meeting on environmental issues.
• Disaster Management: Reducing risks and the vulnerability to disasters through innovative endeavors in the education sector.
• Human Rights and & Governance: BACE has been working with the villagers by forming male and female groups building their capacity to take part in decision making process to exercise their rights and act for creating a just society with social and economic resources.
• Publication: Gonoshikkha is the monthly BACE newsletter. BACE also publishes books and reports on community education.

• Gonobidyalaya (Community School)
• Gonokendra: The objective of the project is the villagers in the target area are active in decision-making processes at grass-root level and have sufficient knowledge and skills to identify common needs, organize themselves and find common solutions for improving their lives.
• Bridge of Light, Germany: BACE has been implementing with the financial assistance of Bridge of Light (Germany) a number of model integrated development projects aiming at formal, non-formal education for children and adults, formation of self-helf groups and provide small credit support to the poor and landless people for undertaking income generating activities aiming at improvement of their economic condition.

Mr. Mahbubul Islam (Sharim Ara Begum) is the Executive Director of BACE.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Also we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.