Help Mission Development Services (HMDS)

Kiamunyi Olive Inn Estate, Off Nakuru Kabarak Road; P.O BOX 16164,
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Ansprechpartner: Josephine Sindavi

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Über uns

Help Mission Development Services (HMDS) was registered in 2004 as a national non-governmental, non sectarian, non-profit development Organization.
HMDS has focused on youth education, vocational skill training and entrepreneurship development to address the growing youth problem of unemployment and attendant concerns.

The Organization is based at Nakuru- the headquarters of Rift Valley Province- and serves different communities in Rift Valley and Eastern Provinces of Kenya, through community development initiatives, vocational and education sponsorship – with special emphasis on the Girl-child - and improvement of physical facilities in project schools.

The Mission of the Organization is to assist and empower disadvantaged, vulnerable people and communities towards self-determination, self-reliance and self-sufficiency’ and responsible citizenship.

HMDS endeavors for sustainable livelihood for everyone.

HMDS initiatives are implemented through grassroots institutions such as Primary Schools, Youth and Women´s groups, and Youth Polytechnics. The groups and institutions have their capabilities enhanced to fully participate in and sustain their self improvement projects towards poverty alleviation and quality of livelihood. Through this strategic work approach, HMDS has built credibility with the people and communities and is today well placed to speak for the vulnerable groups, not only in the Rift Valley region, but also Kenya as a whole.

• PIPE - PARTICIPATION IN PEACEFUL ELECTIONS PROJECT – PERIAMMA: This project focuses on civic education in relation to elections.
• MASOMO KWA AJIRA PROJECT (MAKA) - CO:OPERAID: MAKA project has introduced short term courses providing skills for self-employment and employment. Intention is to reduce poverty and unemployment among the target group in poor households in selected communities in Nakuru and Baringo Counties. The overall goal of the program is to enable the youth to be better equipped with skills that enable sustainable livelihoods.
• UJUZI KWA VIJANA (UKV)-SKILLS FOR YOUTH PROJECT – ICARE: The UKV concept aims to provide the opportunity for youth out of formal schooling to undertake vocational skill training through Youth Polytechnics (YPs), to make them employable, productive, self-reliant and responsible members of society. Secondly, to embrace upon the community to value and accept the YP as a necessary institution for empowering the youth through vocational training, on to employment and self-employment. The action echoes government´s strategic intervention to address the youth agenda, especially regarding their unemployment situation.
• Vijana Na Ujuzi - Technical and Vocational Education for Youth:
• Malaria-Project: The overall objective of the project is to diminish the malaria disease by creating awareness, educating and inspiring target beneficiaries into participatory prevention and management of malaria. The project implementation covers the following activities: Distribution of Mosquito treated Nets; Malaria Education Campaigns and environmental clean-up to reduce the breeding of mosquito.

Josephine Sindavi is the CEO of the Help Mission Development Services (HMDS).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.