One More Generation (OMG)

P.O. Box 143627
GA 30214 Fayetteville
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Über uns

One More Generation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of endangered species and our environment.

One More Generation (OMG) was founded by two elementary students -Carter and his sister Olivia - from Fayetteville, GA in the USA. Olivia and Carter started their own nonprofit in an effort to help educate kids and adults about the plight of endangered species and about the many environmental issues, which affect us all. One More Generation (OMG) was formed in late 2009 and officially filed with the state of GA as a nonprofit in January of 2010.

Programs and Campaigns:

• Plastic and Recycling Awareness Week curriculum: This program was developed as a way to further educate students about the impacts of plastic, plastic pollution, and the need to recycle everything.

• Plastic Awareness Coalition: The coalition has over 70 local, national and even international partners who are working together to find solutions to the issue of Plastic Pollution which is considered to be one of the largest environmental threats to animals and mankind alike.

• Save The Rhinos Letter Writing Campaign: This program is designed to educate communities around the world about the need to speak out on behalf of Rhinos before it is too late. Poaching of Rhinos has reached an all-time high and unless we all demand that the South Africa government gets serious about trying to stop poaching, Rhinos will become extinct in our lifetime.

Jim Ries is the President of One More Generation (OMG).

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