Chiedza Foundation Trust (CFT)

26 Scarcedale Rd, Strathaven

Ansprechpartner: Innocent Chingwaru

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Über uns

The Chiedza Foundation Trust (CFT) is a Faith Based Organisation which was formed in March 2008 and registered as a Trust in October 2009.
The Trust was formed after the realization by the board of trustees the need to provide temporary shelter to internally displaced people (IDP) due to the political environment which was not favorable, offer support to HIV/AIDS patients, mainstream child protection and gender issues.

Chiedza Foundation´s power lies in giving hope and light to the desperate and hopeless vulnerable groups of people especially women and children. It is more than giving resources to the needy people. Chiedza is about being faithful stewards, completely changing the lives of people for better.

The Mission of Chiedza Foundation
To be a leading organization that will strive to meet the needs of our communities, by providing a holistic response to HIV/AIDS, IDPs, OVCs, children and women.

• To provide educational assistance to OVCs in Zimbabwe
• To enhance child protection by capacitating the rural and urban communities.
• To equip, develop and capacitate Child Protection Committees in Zimbabwe.
• To advocate and help to establish Child Protection Committees in regions where they are not established.
• To facilitate the provision of aid and health and educational assistance to internally displaced people.
• To empower the displaced people by skill development projects and capacity building projects.
• To encourage and promote gender equality.
• To facilitate and promote the dissemination of information on domestic violence.
• To provide social support and legal assistance to victims of domestic violence.

• Educational Assistance: Chiedza Foundation is currently providing school fees, complete school uniforms and stationery for 25 primary school children (Orphans)
• Widows Forum: Over 200 widows have formed a forum and meet weekly for information sharing, skills training and psycho social support. The forum is currently running the poultry, soap making and farming projects.
• Soup Kitchen: This program provides nutritious corn soya blend porridge and soup to under age of five in Madziwa District, in Mashonaland Central Province. Over 54 orphans and infected/affected children receive a weekly ration of this nutritious meal. There is need for medication assistance and supplementary milk for those with HIV/AIDS infected mothers to complement the efforts.
• Ziva Paumire Support Group: Literally means "Know where you are standing", a group of infected and affected people by HIV/AIDS who have come together to support one another in the difficult times and situations of this pandemic disease. The group has composed songs, poems and dramas that encourage the affected/infected, that warns against the spread and care and support the sick. The group is also Games like soccer and netball are played every Saturday as a psycho social support tool. engaged in livelihoods and projects like market gardening, weaving, baking and poultry keeping.

Innocent Chingwaru is the Country Director at Chiedza Foundation Trust.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Also we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of Child Protection, Women empowerment, Pyscho social Support, Family Therapy.