Relief Organisation for Handicapped (ROH)

H.No. 17-6-13, New Hasnabad
515201 Hindupur, Anantapur

Ansprechpartner: Sundari, P.G.



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Über uns

The Relief Organisation for Handicapped, in short ROH, has been established in 1993 with the chief objective of promoting the lives of disabled. ROH is a non-political and non-denominational disabled, poor women and child development organisation. It has been an initiative of a blind person by birth named Mr. S. Nimton, who has had faced social challenges in community as a visually handicapped without any opportunities in his life. Despite stringent obstacles and with hard work he made his way to higher positions. From the experiences of his life he has strong desire, to establish an organisation to uplift the lives of disabled. At present he is serving as president for the Organisation.

ROH is a pioneering organisation in the field of disabled in this area. It has taken up several innovative initiatives in this regard and succeeded in gaining access and to build rapport with community which enable ROH to promote the cause of disabled in community by active participation of disabled right from planning to implementation of its activities and taking up their cause at various fronts and to effectively conveying the message, that disabled are differently abled and they too can lead a dignified life if only provided with equal opportunities.

Its mission is:

- to empower the disabled and the needy poor in the rural areas of Andhra Pradesh by providing them social, educational, health and economical services and a strong foundation for an independent and secure life.

Its projects are:

- awareness on health, education, AIDS/HIV,
- environment awareness programmes,
- economic development programmes for disabled and women (self-help groups),
- mobile health care programme in rural villages with free treatment and medicines,
- health care, education, economic development of disabled and their families and poor women (community based rehabilitation).

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities, give an expert opinion, deliver a lecture and procure expert information in the field of our work.