Foundation for Peace and Solidarity (FPS)

Avenue John Ngu Foncha
B.P. 8141 Yaounde

Ansprechpartner: Kelly Nico Mua

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Über uns

The Foundation for Peace and Solidarity (FPS) was founded on 15th March 2001 and incepted on the 25th October 2001. The head office of the FPS is Yaounde with brancehes spread all over the national territory.

The principal aim of FPS is to promote the culture of peace, human rights, democracy and solidarity.
The vision of FPS is to ensure a society base on love and harmony with the respect of human rights and non violent means of conflict resolution. The Foundation for Peace and Solidarity works in collaboration with other national and international institutions like NGOs, government, schools, associations and the local communities to better achieve its aims. FPS carries on the following activities:

- training workshops,
- public awareness forums (conferences, seminars, media and so on),
- news journals and distributions of flyers,
- meet the people contact and education tours,
- institutional frameworks of the Foundation like Peace and Human Rights Clubs in set up in schools and colleges,
- youth camps and sporting activities just to name a few.

Each year the Steering Committee draws up a project for the year. We were also involved in a number to meet the people human rights education projects among others. The program for 2005 shall go operational from January 15th 2005 after a joint agreement by the members of the steering Committee. Some of the points pointed out for this year include:

- human rights education in schools and colleges,
- seeking lasting solutions to the long standing Conflicts between farmers and grazers in Menchum division,
- social understanding between the 250 different tribes in Cameroon and the different countries in the state, etc.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities and establish new contacts in the following fields: human rights, peace and solidarity. We shall be ready to provide any support at its reach to the Netzkraft Movement when ever necessary.