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  • Hilfsorganisation
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  • Sozialpolitik/behinderte Menschen

Über uns

To start with our organization is a rural based group whose objectives are wholly committed to the development of our area in order to raise the standards of living of the local population. Sagambe Development Association is basically the mother board of all our community institutions (schools, churches, clinics, agricultural groups, clubs etc. - to be broadened to active social, economic, and political development). Our leadership is selected from citizens of the community. The economy of the area is agricultural based.

In development we engage all stakeholders at any level internationally and at mean time we look forward to development of our community in the following areas:

- Agricultural Development - The whole idea is to raise the standard of living of the local people through utilising our environment conservatively. Our area is involved in farming of a many crops but much involved tea, coffee, orchard fruits, paprika, ginger and timber at large and small scale production.
- Human Resource Development - With provision to have skilled community members with better leadership skills and qualities towards democratically legitimized authority with our community's institutions - (politics, business and church schools etc.).
- Schools Development - Education is liberation. Curriculum develop mentalism, building up to standard classrooms and staff residence, staff training, school grounds maintenance.
- HIV and AIDS - Awareness, research and development.
- Water Development - Provision for clean water to homes.
- Health Development - Building clinics, hospital, staff training.
- Recreational Centres and tourism.
- Infra structural development (roads, telecommunication, electrification) in attention to tourism and other developments on research and development.

For other net participants we can arrange to assist with information as far as possible. We can assist also about rural development and strategies to poverty reduction through community or beneficiary/-ies based system and we can assist on tea and coffee farming techniques and if participants require our finished products especially tea and bananas we can arrange with them.