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Über uns

Environment Africa is an Southern African NGO, founded in 1990, owned and operated by Africans, based regionally and represented internationally.
Environment Africa works with all sectors of society throughout Zimbabwe and Southern Africa to protect and manage natural resources and to promote sustainable development

Our Mission is to work together with all sectors of society raising awareness, encouraging action and advocating a better environment that uplifts the livelihood of current and future generations.

The environment is shaped by geography and biophysical factors, by social, economic and political actions and policies. Environment Africa takes a holistic approach to environmental management, recognizing that its actions must address all these factors so as to achieve sustainable development. Environment Africa addresses cross cutting issues such as poverty alleviation, gender equality, social justice, disability issues, children and youths’ rights and also HIV and AIDS issues.

Environment Africa’s programmes and interventions cover key areas of sustainable use of natural resources which include soil and water conservation, training of trainers (TOT) and training for transformation (T4T), establishment of local by-laws and a comprehensive plan for disaster preparedness that sets up and strengthens local Environment Action Group (EAG’s) and supports them to becoming local institutions.

Environment Africa has a deep understanding of the African Way. We have learnt that in the long term AID is not the solution for our people and our continent and that we need to move from AID to TRADE. To this, Environment Africa is promoting the concept of PPCP’s, Private, Public, Community Partnerships and it is our belief that this is the future for sustainable development in Southern Africa.

• Australia & New Zealand Tour: Charlene will be touring New Zealand and Australia in July and August 2011 giving talks and presentations and sharing her personal experiences of her conservation work in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa as CEO of the the organisation Environment Africa.
• Green Zambezi Alliance: Official launch of The Green Zambezi Alliance (GZA) together with the Africa Green Fund and the Sponsor an African Green Acre initiative by Environment Africa.
• WEPU (Wildlife and Environment Protection Unit) is an acronym that is fast gaining popularity over the negative association of the word ‘Anti-Poaching’ Unit. Anti-poaching has been an integral part of fauna conservation throughout Africa’s history and more recently encompasses the protection of flora as well.
• African Green Acre
• Africa Green Fund: Initiated by Environment Africa, the Africa Green Fund is a social and environmental welfare fund established to enable and secure transparent financial funding of environmental and development projects within Southern Africa. Our goal is to deal effectively with environmental challenges and to continue to develop and support strategies and projects to minimize economic impact on the environment in the area.

Charlene Hewat is the CEO of Environment Africa.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.