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Über uns

El Mundo En Español is a Spanish Language School & Community Service Center in Quetzaltenango “Xela” – Guatemala, started in 2001, and offers a more holistic experience in Learning Spanish while having fun in our small school's, cozy, extended-family environment.

We not only offer you a more personalized experience in learning and studying Spanish in our home/school, we also offer for those who are interested, Volunteer opportunities in various social programs and after School Activities to places of interest, which are ideal ways to learn and practice your Spanish in real-life situations.
Our School is accredited by Ministerio de Educación de Guatemala. All of our teachers have received a degree in teaching Spanish as a 2nd Language from the University of San Carlos - Quetzaltenango.

Our mission is …
• to provide the highest quality Spanish instruction in Xela. To accomplish this we employ a select group of experienced teachers, chosen for the quality of their teaching as well as their ability to work with students.
• to give students a total immersion experience in Guatemalan culture, while staying in my home and living and learning in an warm and welcoming, extended-family environment. This creates unmatched opportunities to learn Spanish unique to the structure of our school.

We believe that participating in a cultural exchange can be an opportunity to come to understand other cultures, increase communication across national boundaries, and allow people to come to understand the similarities that tie us together while gaining new perspectives.

We dedicate ourselves to offering every participant the possibility of making new friends and coming to understand and appreciate the world outside their own country’s borders while living as a resident in Xela, Guatemala.

We hope that our work in furthering these goals will contribute in some small measure to greater peace and understanding in the world.

At El Mundo En Español we will work with you to match your skills and your schedule with organizations who would benefit from your help.

Opportunities for Volunteer Service:
• Guarderia Cantón Choquí was established as a safe place for underprivileged children.
• Clinica de Cooperacíon Alemana is a general health clinic for those that are not able to pay high prices for health care.
• Casa Hogar: Rayito de Luz is an orphanage.
• NISGUA is solidarity organization that focuses on an accompaniment program placing foreigners as observers and with work teams in various communities.
• Fundabien is a NGO (Non Government Organization) which works with handicapped children.

Gladis Castillo is the Director of El Mundo En Español.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.