ChildHelp Sierra Leone

48 Wellington Street, P.O. Box 81
Sierra Leone

Ansprechpartner: Kaprie J G Thoronka

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Über uns

ChildHelp Sierra Leone is a local NGO established in 1994 and is registered with the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs and the Ministry of Development and Economic Planning (MODEP), as well as a registered member of the Sierra Leone Association of non-governmental organization (SLANGO) in implementing socio-economic development activities. Since 2000 ChildHelp has been catering for a comprehensive development of children found in difficult circumstances, entrenching itself also a formidable Child Care and Rights Organization. ChildHelp targets orphans, destitute, street and abandoned children at high social risks, including mothers and children with disabilities, by giving them access to quality education, health, water and sanitation, information and technology, shelter and other basic needs, etc, provided by like-minded groups/partners.

ChildHelp’s mission is: to improve the quality of life of children, their families and communities through community tailor-made projects, to increase understanding, awareness and appreciation of and between different cultures and to promote the rights and interests of children and governance in communities.

ChildHelp’s objectives are:

- Children Assistance: Children who are abandoned, orphaned or unable to be cared for adequately by relatives are placed in a ChildHelp Centre Home given 24-hour care. This involves complete nutrition, education, medical needs, clothing and all that is necessary for the godly upbringing of children. Others out of the home are provided with school fees, uniforms and textbooks; food for the family; seed to plant; medical assistance; and spiritual care. Older children participate in center’s activities.
- Water and Sanitation Health Initiatives: Repairing of damaged wells and hand pumps. Promote positive hygiene practices to enhance healthy lifestyles especially in institutions and poor health underdeveloped villages.
- Past activities: Training of young people in participatory health education, sponsorship and fostering of children, deworming of over 53,000 children, livestocking, tree planting, Bio-sand filtering for household water system, volunteering, strengthening of good governance, etc.
- Future plans: Continue above activities, establish a Child Helpline: a telephone helplines and outreach services for children and young people abused, neglected at high social risks. Establish a ‘’Village of ChildHelp’’ on a 12 acres of land.

Kaprie J G Thoronka is the Director of the organization.

For other net participants we can establish new contacts in the field of our work.