Satsang Association

Sw. Jana 15
34-143 Lanckorona

Ansprechpartner: van de Logt, Frans

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Über uns

Sat-sang is a word in Sanskrit, the oldest known language in the world. The meaning of the "sat" is "truth"and "sang" is "meeting": Meeting in Truth.

The Satsang Association helps people - regardless of their status, background, religion or age - to find happiness and direction in their life and work through the human principles of truth, love and simplicity.

The Satsang Association is inspired by Bhole Baba from Hairakhan India, who gave us an example of a life in truth, love and simplicity. At our centre there is a universal temple for people who want to have a moment of meditation or reflection. You can find more information about Bhole Baba at

The accommodation we can provide consists of 15 rooms with 25 available beds, a meeting place which can be used for meetings, exercises and yoga and a central vegetarian kitchen. The accommodation is ideally situated, just below the top of a mountain in Lanckorona, at a height of 500 meters. Nearby lies the picturesque village of Lanckorona, loved by poets and painters throughout the ages. Lanckorona is 35 km away from Kraków, the legendary city of Polish kings and queens, a well-known European historical and cultural centre. 100 km south of Lanckorona there are the Tatra mountains with peaks of 2000 meters or more. In good weather conditions you have a panoramic view of the Tatra mountains right from the terrace. Apart from its function as meeting place it can also serve as an excellent spot for a short holiday and a starting point for all kinds of walks or trekking.

Franek and Renata van de Logt have been married since 1998. They have one daughter. Renata is an English teacher at the local school. Franek originally comes from the Netherlands and serves as manager and cook. Jola Lenart is teacher of Yoga closely connected with us as secretary of the association. At present she is working at the center of women rights in Lodz.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Further we can deliver a lecture in the following field: How to increase truth, simplicity and love in the hearts of people.

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