Lulama Health Development Organisation (LHDO)

Stand no: 56-57 Mhlava-welemu Village; P.O.Box 4246
0826 Giyani Limpopo

Ansprechpartner: Boster Robert Chauke

+27 (0)83 352 0299; +27 (0)76 650 8096; +27 (0)785828123
+27 (0)86 566 9986


  • Hilfsorganisation
  • Sozialpolitik/behinderte Menschen
  • Bildungspolitik/-projekt

Über uns

Lulama Health Development Organisation (LHDO) is a non -profit organisation that deals health and social issues, where our care-giver use to conduct door-to door campaign, home to terminal ill patient.
LHDO is situated in a rural area called Mhlava-welemu Village in Greater Giyani, Mopani District, and Limpopo Province in South Africa.
LHDO has been involved in the provision of Home community based services since 2002 and was registered as a Non Profit Organisation in 2005

• To contribute by way of reducing the burden of HIV & AIDS and lifestyle diseases as well as mitigating related socio- economic challenges
• To contribute to attainment of the National HIV&AIDS Strategic Plan impact by educating communities on the available packages of treatment, care and support to 80% of HIV positive people and the recommended strategies for the 50% reduction of new HIV infection.
• To contribute to the attainment of targets set by the department of health in the fight against Tuberculosis
• The organization focuses much on the provision of comprehensive health services in order to promote, restore and maintain person’s maximum level of comfort, function and health.

• Provision of care and support to the chronically ill through home visits
• To provide counseling and support to individuals and families affected by HIV/AIDs
• Quality life of orphans and vulnerable children and families
• To provide school health services for life orientation session on the topics prescribed by the national Department of Health, such as prevention of STIs, HIV/AIDS and etc.
• Eradication of poverty and unemployment among the youth people through stipends

Key Focus Area
• Home Community Based Care
• OVC Support that include after school care programme and psychosocial support, educational support, HIV education and awareness campaign, access to basic needs, legal documents.

• We provide home-based care services for sick people and support for their vulnerable family members.
• We bathe them, cook for them, clean their houses and ensure that they adhere to their treatment regimens.
• We assist orphans as well as other vulnerable children and youth with their homework and they take part in physical activities, cultural dancing and music.
• We provide them with life skills training and a meal after school.
• We run workshops on TB, HIV and AIDS awareness, health, social and gender issues.
• We refer survivors of abuse and rape for assistance and we distribute condoms.
• We assist and then refer people with applications for birth certificates, identity documents and social grants to the relevant government departments.

Boster Robert Chauke is the Executive Director at Lulama Health Development Organisation (LHDO).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.