Human Rights Information Network


c/o The Britisch Council, 11, Alfred Rewane Road
Ikoyi Lagos

Ansprechpartner: Ntan, Ebaye



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Über uns

HURINET is a network of non-governmental and not-for-profit organizations, groups and activists committed to the protection of human rights and social justice inn Nigeria. The vision of HURINET is to see Nigeria free of all human rights violations and abuses. Its mission is to form a broad network of NGOs dedicated to sharing ideas, experiences and resources to promote broad access to, and effective use of knowledge and information as tools of promoting research work in the fields of Human Development, Human Rights, Women Empowerment, Child Rights, Environment, Information Management and other relevant disciplines, with a view to advocating for vulnerable peoples.

The aims and objects of HURINET are as follows:
- To be a veritable national resource center in the delicate issues of human rights and sustainable development.
- To promote scholarship through research activities
- To encourage publications on issues of human rights
- To organize conferences and seminars for the discourse of national and international issues affecting Nigeria.
- To consult in the most efficient methods with the government of Nigeria in re-shapening, re-positioning and re-directing Nigeria's human rights policy machinery as the need arises
- To encourage private sector participation as it affects human rights and sustainable development issues
- To be a strong advocacy group for the vulnerable peoples in society
- To facilitate collective actions by network members through working groups and meetings.

Mr. Ebaye Ntan is the chairman of HURINET.

We can offer for other net participants expert guidance through trained staff, deliver lecture and establish new contacts in the field of human rights.