Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya (KSV)

A school with a difference

Sangeet vadyalaya road, Kalkeri
580007 Karnataka, Dharwad District

Ansprechpartner: Adam Woodward

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Über uns

Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya (KSV) is a charitable and residential school that supports and empowers children from socially and economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Founded in November 2002, KSV is located near Kalkeri Village, Dharwad district in Karnataka, South India. In this peaceful setting, the children enjoy the tranquillity necessary for their academic studies, music practice and performing arts activities.

The Vision is the fundamental right of all children to have access to education, adequate food, healthcare facilities and to participate in their community´s cultural life.

Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya empowers, supports and encourages children from socially marginalised and economically disadvantaged backgrounds to realise their full potential and attain a better life.

Our work
• KSV provides education in academics subjects, Hindustani Classical Music, Bharatanatayam Dance and Drama to children from socially and economically disadvantaged backgrounds. In addition, food, accommodation and health care are also provided, and everything is free.
• KSV is both traditional and modern in its approach. Tradition is taught through the ancient disciplines of the Indian classical arts. The modern educational programme is based on the Karnataka State syllabus. Computer studies are also an important element to prepare the students to meet the demands of today´s rapidly evolving world.
• The origins of KSV were basic but clear: through the medium of traditional Indian music combined with regular schooling, the lives of disadvantaged children could be transformed.

• Academic studies: The medium of instruction is Kannada, and English and Hindi are taught to a high level as second languages. Other subjects include mathematics, science, and social science. Extracurricular activities include English reading classes, conversational English classes, art classes, storytelling, moral education, library time, computer classes and games & sports.
• Music studies: At KSV all the students from the 1st Std to the 5th Std learn the rudiments of vocal, harmonium, tabla, dance and drama; after five years they either continue with vocal classes at a higher level or choose an instrument such as sitar, violin or bansuri. From the 6th Std onwards the students are encouraged to study two disciplines in the performing arts, of which there are multiple combinations.
• Dance: In addition to the music classes, KSV also offers classes in Bharatanatayam, a classical Indian dance form. Bharatanatayam is an artistic yoga that involves the movement of the body parts in a very artistic and elegant manner.
• Drama classes: In the drama classes, the children learn traditional plays based on Indian legends or history as well as modern plays and skits. This brings about social awareness amongst the students, as they learn about social issues and conflicts from cultures, past and present, the world over. The students are also trained in anchoring, comparing and holding speeches.
• Childrens welfare: At KSV, the children are encouraged to take part in making decisions that concern them through the medium of a student’s council. Students are encouraged to voice their opinions and express their concerns and questions openly. They are familiarized with the connection between freedom and responsibility. The health and welfare of our students is of primary importance. Diverse and healthy meals are prepared on campus and provided three times a day, and eating is a communal activity. A small separate medical unit at the school monitors the children’s health. In the event of a serious illness or accident, children are taken to the local hospital by a member of staff. The school also organizes sports and games.
• Concerts and Tours: Our older students have now reached a semi-professional level in the performing arts and are able to give good quality music, dance and drama programs. They have mastered a traditional repertoire that they recite with confidence and skill, and have had the opportunity to perform at several concerts at both regional and national levels.

Adam Woodward is the Secretary of Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya (KSV).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.