Charity Humanitarian Centre "Abkhazeti" (CHCA)

#4 Shrosha Str.
0179 Tbilisi

Ansprechpartner: Eka Gvalia

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Über uns

Based in Tbilisi since 1995, Charity Humanitarian Centre "Abkhazeti" (CHCA) is a Georgian NGO which offers assistance to internally displaced people. Besides providing immediate help and emergency relief.

CHCA implements projects in the following areas: income generation/livelihoods, social services, capacity building, education and youth, community development and advocacy, peacebuilding and recognition.

The activities of the organization are carried out transparently, based on the principles of professionalism, equality, long-term partnership, and sustainable development.

Program and Projects Overview:
Income Generation & Livelihoods
• IDP Vocational Training and Service Centre (Zugdidi)
• Vocational Training for the Economically Vulnerable Population
• Economically empowering Georgia´s conflict affected Population
• Socio-Economic Integration through Vocational Training, Employment & Civic Participation
• Employment and Business Support to Conflict-Affected Populations
• IDP Business Support Initiative
• Durable Solutions - A Way Forward for IDPs in Georgia
• Joint solutions are durable solutions - steps to solve the IDP issue in Georgia
• Tailor-Made Assistance to Extremely Vulnerable IDPs
Children & Youth Development
• Vocational Training for Child Offenders
• Restorative Gesture Program for Convicted Child Offenders on Probation
• Youth Clubs "No War Zone Georgia"
• Mobile Education Unit for IDP Children ("Mobile Library")
• Emergency Relief for IDPs ("Child Friendly Spaces")
• Program for Psycho-Social Rehabilitation of War-Affected and Internally Displaced Adolescents
• Implementation of Piloting Referral Procedures in Child Protection Situations at the Sakrebulo Level
• Protection Monitoring of Conflict-affected populations through the Participation of Government and National and International NGOs
• Tailor-Made Assistance to Extremely Vulnerable IDPs
• Provision of Tailor-Made Assistance to Extremely Vulnerable IDPs - phase 2 of previous above
• Emergency Hygiene Support for IDPs
Community Development
• Community Centers for the Conflict-Affected Communities in Georgia
• Participatory and Integrated Social and Civic Development of IDP Communities in Shida Kartli

Eka Gvalia is the Executive Director of the Charity Humanitarian Centre "Abkhazeti" (CHCA).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.