DASHRA (Dalit Association for Social and Human Rights Awareness)

Raj Bhawan, Second Floor, Sadaqat Ashram, PO Kurji,
800010 Patna, Bihar

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Über uns

DASHRA (Dalit Association for Social and Human Rights Awareness) is a in 2004 registered Non-Governmental, Non-Profit, Non-Political Organization. DASHRA works in Bihar with the vision to promote the human rights culture, particularly by working towards the empowerment of the SCs (Untouchables) and the marginalized, which include women and children, and the physically challenged people.

Our Vision:
The work of the organization has been guided by its vision of establishing a just, democratic, non – violent society. It envisions a society where the citizens enjoy the rights of education, health and livelihood without any discrimination by gender, class, or caste, live in mutual co-operation and perform their responsibilities without any hindrance. DASHRA’s objective is to provide and promote a better future and empowerment of the disadvantaged people for human rights culture in the society.

Our Mission:
DASHRA’s mission is to facilitate and promote through networking, non-violent and peaceful collective action. It wants to create, replicate and activate structures and systems to cater to the need of the poor and the persons with disabilities, scheduled caste, scheduled tribes, Dalits, women, old ages, adolescent and children. This is to eliminate the exploitation and provide opportunities for their growth and upliftment of their economic and social status for dignity and justice with the activities of monitoring, advocacy and capacity building.

• CASA: Strengthening socially excluded groups for access to livelihood without discrimination through promotion of inclusive growth and access to rights and entitlement among scheduled caste and women.
• Centre for World Solidarity (CWS): DASHRA had done a research on the Socio-Economic, education condition of women in the two blocks of the Nalada district of Bihar. DASHRA approached more than 1000 Dalit families to ascertain the fact and condition of the women, including domestic violence with the support of the Centre for World Solidarity.
• Monitoring, documentation of violence against women: The organization documented the cases and held a public hearing to sensitize the law enforcement agencies as well as the community in the Nawada and Patna district of Bihar.
• Monitoring of human rights violation against the Dalit Community: DASHRA is working in 15 districts of Bihar through a range of activities entailing legal interventions, networking, capacity building interventions and monitoring of instances of violation of human rights of the scheduled castes and the scheduled tribes. It has partnered with a number of nationally acclaimed organizations in pursuit of its mission.
• DFID.UK (PACS Program): The purpose of the project is to empower the marginalized communities of the Dalits, Muslims, adivasis, women, children and the disabled to enable them to realize their rights through social awareness and collective action.

Uday Kumar is the General Secretary of DASHRA (Dalit Association for Social and Human Rights Awareness).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.