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Über uns

Hesperian is a non-profit publisher of books and newsletters for community-based health care. Our first book, Donde no hay doctor (where there is no doctor), is one of the most accessible and widely used community health books in the world.

Where There Is No Doctor was born in the late 1960s and early 1970s, when a group of health activists in Ajoya, Mexico compiled a notebook of treatment information for common medical problems in their village. The notebook came into great demand not only in Ajoya, but also among health workers from neighbouring communities. In 1973, the notebook was reproduced as a comprehensive and revolutionary health-care manual titled Donde no hay doctor.

Around this time, an organization was founded in California to distribute the book and begin work on an English edition. Where There Is No Doctor was first published in 1977 and many now consider it the "bible" of primary health care for community health workers and villagers worldwide.

Since then, Hesperian has published many other titles that address the needs of global health workers, including Where There Is No Dentist; A Community Guide to Environmental Health; Where Women Have No Doctor; Helping Health Workers Learn; Disabled Village Children; A Book for Midwives; HIV, Health, and Your Community; Helping Children Who Are Blind; and Helping Children Who Are Deaf. Simply written and heavily illustrated, Hesperian books are designed so that people with little formal education can understand, apply, and share health information. Developed collaboratively with health workers and community members from all over the globe, our books and newsletters address the underlying social, political, and economic causes of poor health and suggest ways groups can organize to improve health conditions. In addition, Hesperian relies on a multi-faceted distribution strategy to ensure our materials reach those who need them most.

Hesperian publishes all of our books in English and Spanish and our open copyright policy facilitates adaptations and translations into many other languages. Our books are available for purchase or free download.
Current Projects:

- Gratis book program
- Translations fund
- Revisions and new editions
- New Where There Is No Doctor for the 21st Century
- new edition of HIV, Health and your Community

Ingrid Hawkinson is a staff of the organisation and a Book Publicist.

For other net participants we can procure expert information in the following field: community health, environmental health, health literacy, health workers, global health, health worker training, setting up community health programs, access to health care, children with disabilities, women with disabilities, helping children who are blind, helping children who are deaf, midwifery, dentistry, water and sanitation.