Rural Focus Initiative – Uganda (RUFI – U)

PO Box 423, Maliseri Rd, Plot 234; Opposite Rwenzori College of Commerce
Kasese Municipality, Nyamwamba Division

Ansprechpartner: James Baluku

+256 754 875 521; +256 704 118 553; +256 (0)776144451


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Über uns

Rural Focus Initiative-Uganda (RUFI-U), a community based organization located in Nyamwamba division, Kasese District, western Uganda, is a non-profit, non-denominational, political and non-sectarian organization that was formed in 2016. Rural focus initiative-Uganda was founded by community welfare minded people with an aim of empowering the community in the fight against poverty, address human rights related abuses and revive positive cultural/traditional norms or values in society, unemployment, teenage marriages and pregnancies, diseases spread through information and training.

A health, empowered and self sustaining community aware of its rights and defend those of children for immediate and long term development.

Empowering rural communities in fighting poverty, disease and defending the rights of young people through information accessibility and training services provision

Aims and Objectives
• To promote formal education, vocational training and life skills to underserved communities to help them cope up with life challenges.
• To support and contribute to rural communities´ social welfare through mobilization, sensitizations and spread of information that is geared towards reduction of poverty.
• To strengthen the voices of young people at risk of early child marriage and pregnancies and their rights.
• To improve the health of underserved communities by addressing issues that undermine their good health and creating awareness of disease and poor sanitation.

Focus areas.
• Vocational Skills & Entrepreneurship training: Improved community livelihoods and reduced poverty levels among the youth, young mothers & fathers and other vulnerable populations through provision of vocational & entrepreneurship trainings, establishment of a well equipped and reliable vocational skills training centre for sustained and strengthened economic transformation and development.
• Promoting Education: Improved and provide information to teachers, parents and children on the benefits of educating children and its general role in community development through career guidance in schools, radio talk shows and in community meetings and gatherings.
• Children Protection & Human Rights: Increasing community participation and involvement to promoting human rights awareness and defend children rights such as rights to education services, health, food, and increase access to quality welfare of both children and adolescents, particularly those affected by domestic violence, early child marriage, HIV/AIDs and other community conflicts. RUFI– (U) provides a platform for engagement of government law enforcement departments.
• Health: RUFI– (U) is actively involved in enhancing health programs in the Communities by Creating awareness and advocacy in the communities to take lead in accessing health services during the, HIV/AIDs training and awareness creation in the communities through community meetings and radio talk shows.

• Sanitation & Hygiene: RUFI-U as a rural focused community organization is trying to fill by training pupils and students as well as communities on hygiene, sanitation and water management. RUFI-U will take an initiative of training community and hygiene promoters.
• Vocational skills training: Vocational Skills Training intends to help the young mothers to up bring their children and preach the gospel against early marriages and pregnancies. Currently, eight (8) girls have been trained in busket weaving and handbag knitting as trainers of trainees to help us reach more of the same.
• Education
• Child protection: We will endeavor to safeguard children and young people by: Adopting child protection guidelines through a code of behavior for staff and volunteers; Sharing information with agencies who need to know, and involving parents and children, staff and volunteers; Providing effective management for staff and volunteers through supervision, support and training; We are also committed to reviewing our policy and good practice on an annual basis.
• Integrity Ambassadors Clubs

James Baluku is the Executive Director of RIFI – Ugande.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.