Rural Organisation for Social Education (ROSE)

No.47-Makthummarakkayar Street, Vandavasi Taluk - Pin 604 408
Tamilnadu, Tiruvannamalai District

Ansprechpartner: R.Arokiajulian

+91 04142260312


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Über uns

The Rural Organisation for Social Education (ROSE) Trust, founded in 1994 and registered as a public charitable trust, is a rural organization working with deprived and underprivileged rural communities. We currently work in 36 villages in the Kurinjippadi and Vandavasi blocks of Cuddalore and Thiruvannamalai districts of Tamil Nadu, Southern India.

We aim to empower rural children, women and youth through our strategies of awareness, empowerment and welfare services and run several projects in each of the following programme areas:
• Education:
o Child Preparatory Centre: This centre doubles up as a child care centre for the children of landless agricultural labourers and prepares them for primary education through the play-way method of learning.
o Educational Counselling: Rose Trust guides the children of the dalit, gypsy and most backward communities to continue their education and minimize school dropouts.
o School Enrolment Programme: The aim of the volunteers is to ensure 100% enrolment of all children of school going age in the local government school, so, our volunteers visit even the remotest village to make this possible.
o Educational Assistance: We provide material support for education in the form of school fees, note books, uniforms and learning materials.
• Empowerment:
o Building Awareness: Rose Trust makes Dalits aware of their human rights and their political and social situation through providing informal education, through workshop against women violence, through organising humanist group, through youth orientation and through IEC Materials (Information, Education and Communication).
o Skills Training: Tailoring Training Centre - training adolescent girls who are 16-18 years of age and young women 19-25 years in tailoring, including training in embroidery and needle work; Computer Cum Secretarial Skills course - The basic skills of computer application and various secretarial skills like book keeping, communication skills and office maintenance are taught.
• Disability:
o CBR Project: Basic training to the Board members and CBR workers on disability and developing skills for identifying persons with disability. Developing tools for enhanced data collection about persons with disability, Collection, classification and presentation of data, Capacity Building
o Medical Care and Physiotherapists Assistance
• Welfare.
o Rehabilitation Centre for widows
o Leprosy prevention
o Aids Awareness-cum-Identification programme
o Tsunami Relief Services
o Tsunami Pscyho-Social Support Project

R.Arokiajulian is the Managing Director of thr ROSE Trust.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities and can give an expert opinion in the field: Help other non governmental organisation to become vital institution.