People´s Association for Community Health Education TRUST - PACHE TRUST

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Ansprechpartner: Ponraj Manoharan

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Über uns

People´s Association for Community Health Education Trust - PACHE Trust, a in 1987 registered non profit, non government and non communal organization, has been worked for the betterment of the poor and downtrodden in the southern districts of Tamilnadu State, South India through need based multifarious development activities with increased cooperation and participation of target groups at every stage of project planning, execution, monitoring, supervision and evaluation.

• Work with the poorest among the poor,
• Reach out to them, Love them,
• Live with them, Learn from them,
• Build from what they have,
• Become their partners,
• Grow with them,
• Train and equip with them,
• And reap with them the harvest of
• Emancipation and empowerment.

• To educate and organise people.
• To promote health oriented activities in people´s life styles.
• To initiate and propagate environmental activities based on their resources.
• To work with the poorest groups, promoting active participation of the people and helping them to create and strengthen self-reliance.

Current Projects
• Prevention-TI among Core Groups Project
• Prevention-TI among Migrants Project
• Thematic Intervention among Female Sex Workers (FSWs) Project
• Community Based HIV/AIDS Care and Support Project
• Children Living with HIV/AIDS and Happiness to All (CHAHA) Project
• Mahalir Thittam (Empowering Women Through Self Help Groups)
• Children Sponsorship Programme
• Integrated Intervention against Victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation (FSWs & TGs) (IIVCSE)
• Prevention of VITAMIN ´A´ Deficiency Disorders
• Prevention of Female Infanticide and HIV/AIDS Project
• Alawai Biodiversity Farm

Ponraj Manoharan is the Project Director of the People's Association for Community Health Education Trust - PACHE Trust.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Also we can procure expert information in the field HIV/AIDS.