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The Coalition Against Trafficking in Women-International (CATW) is a non-governmental organization that promotes women's human rights by working internationally to combat sexual exploitation in all its forms. Founded in 1988, CATW was the first international non-governmental organization to focus on human trafficking, especially sex trafficking of women and girls.

CATW is composed of regional networks and of affiliated individuals and groups. It serves as an umbrella that coordinates and takes direction from its regional organizations and networks in its work against sexual exploitation and in support of women's human rights.

CATW brings international attention to all forms of sexual exploitation, including prostitution, pornography, sex tourism, and mail order bride selling. Working with national and international policy makers, women's rights and human rights advocates, and the United Nations, it promotes the fundamental human right of women and children, in particular, girls, to be free from sexual exploitation.

CATW prevents trafficking by educating boys and girls in schools and communities in different parts of the world and by training teachers, professionals, police, governmental authorities and the public about the harm of sexual exploitation and ways to resist and combat it.

CATW testifies before national congresses, parliaments, law reform commissions, regional and UN committees and commissions Members serve as consultants to governmental commissions drafting new legislation on prostitution and sex trafficking, and against the sex industry.

CATW researches and documents the situation of women who have been trafficked and are in prostitution; educates the public about the extent of harm sustained by women and girls in prostitution; and galvanizes change through legislation and working with governments and international agencies to create/change/amend policy and legislation that support the right of every woman and girls to be free of sexual exploitation; and helps create and support alternatives for women and girls who have been sexually exploited.

CATW supports campaigns, programs and projects in many different parts of the world.
• Measures to Combat Trafficking in Human Beings: Addressing gaps in current anti-trafficking programs and policies that avoid focusing on gender equality, the demand, and the links between trafficking and prostitution.
• The Prevention Project: A multi-tiered project to prevent sex trafficking and sexual exploitation by developing best practices in several areas of the world.
• Prostitution Law Reform: To challenge acceptance of the sex industry, normalization of prostitution as work, and to de-romanticize legalization initiatives in various countries.
• Human Rights Advocacy: International presentations, trial testimony, congressional and parliamentary hearings, UN forums and international visitors' programs.
• Project to Curb Male Demand for Prostitution: To combat sex trafficking and prostitution by discouraging the demand.
• Human Rights Documentation Project: To conduct training sessions to inform and educate women's organizations on feminist research methodologies, counselling and para-legal skills, and the developing of profiles on trafficking and prostitution in Asian countries.
• Online Documentation Center: To distribute information on sex trafficking and prostitution from different parts of the world, including country-specific information.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.