Community Partnership East Africa


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Ansprechpartner: Gudoyi M. Charles

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Über uns

COPEA is to contribute in the field of Adult Environment Education and Community Outreach:

- partly by enhancing capacity building,
- service delivery,
- resource mobilisation,
- and management and administration.

All this is volunteer relief and development effort with a view of balancing conservation of the environment efforts and meeting of peoples needs.

COPEA’s Scope of Project Assistance Service Research interests that volunteers can enhance:

- Groups being involved in supporting health issues especially people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) focusing on youth as change agents.
- Safe water sourcing (Deep Well Drilling Rig) environment and sanitation (WES) aiming at reducing the workload of women and the girl child.
- Researching - Loaning scheme Development (Economic Empowerment Loan and Credit Scheme Development - Village Banking) an entry point in relief and development.
- Project Assistance Sevice Volunteering - placement of international volunteers with local undertakings - non profits.

MICRO-PROJECT WORK VOLUNTEER (MPWV) - Together we can do it.

MPWV is committed to the advancement of development culture which empowers people to take their destiny into their own hands and effect the desired changes.

- MPWV networks and coordinates support for development initiatives by working through local community partners to bring help and hope to people in need.
- MPWV aims at empowering the people to articulate their needs and aspirations.
- MPWV is keen to take joint action with others to effect sustainable development in East Africa Community Area.

The MPWV is to:

- Identify development initiatives in the East Africa Community Area.
- Identify and link the necessary support mechanism to deserving development projects.
- Encourage coordination and networking amongst local development groups with government and non government organizations including international partners.
- Activate spirit of self reliance and promote the potential of nongovernmental sector in the development of the areas of operation.
- Facilitate Community participation and cooperation in rural development and enhance social and economic advancement.
- Create open dialogue and facilitate a forum for the people to jointly or otherwise generate ideas and exchange information and experiences in development.
- Play advocacy role to both the local, central and international project support partners on behalf or otherwise of the local community partners.

For other net participants we can give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.