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Ansprechpartner: Kashapagu Victor Mohan

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Über uns

Society of Help (HELP) is a registered Voluntary Organization founded in the year 1992 by a group of like-minded social activists who have the passion and enthusiasm for voluntary services for rural lives and areas. It is an organization founded to facilitate the process of development of villages.

Our mission is to capacitate and empower the poor, deprived, landless and the unreached rural/urban/slum people, children and women towards a superior status revitalizing them through initiating collective action among them in a constitutional, democratic and participatory spirit for personal, familial and societal development.

HELP visualize a society where all people and children enjoy power, equality, privileges and all development probability and prospects for leading decent and dignified life irrespective of gender, caste, color, ethnic sections and a world environmentally balanced and sound.

Main objectives:
• Education for all and especially girls
• Women Development, Socio-economic Empowerment and Equality
• Strengthen the Women and Children Rights
• Rural Health, Sanitation and Personal Hygiene Development
• Rural Skills Up-gradation and Income Generation Programmes for Women
• Communal Harmony and National Integration
• Environmental Protection and Conservation of Bio-diversity and Nature
• Natural Resource Management and Renewable Energy
• Financial Provisions and Credits to CBOs for Livelihood and Enterprises
• Tribal Development - Integrated Development of PTGs and SCs
• Organic Farming and Farmers´ Technology Transfers
• Disaster Management – Relief and Rehabilitation
• Rural Infrastructural and Basic Facility Development
• Rural Development and Rural Energy Management

• Child Development and Welfare Projects/Programmes
• Women Empowerment Initiatives
• Income Generation and Livelihood Provision
• Environment, NRM and Watershed Activities
• Rural Infrastructure Development Activities
• Awareness Creation and Capacity Building

Projects and Programnmes:
• Multipurpose Rural Development Facilitation
• Health, Education and legal aspects Development
• Women Development
• Education and Child Labour Elimination Programmes
• Rehabilitation of Flood Affected Victims
• Education of Drop out Children
• Tobacco Control and Smoke-Free Villages
• Support for handicapped People
• Agricultural(NPM/IPM)Trainings to Farmers
• Financial Literacy Program

Kashapagu Victor Mohan is the Chief Executive Officer of HELP.

For other net participants we can procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.

Beast Social work Award to Project Director
Organic Agriculture Training to Women Farmers
Sustainable Agricultre Training to Women Farmers
Child Rights Programme
Children Groups for Their Rights
Meeting for De Notified Tribal and Nomadic Tribal Rights program