Kariobangi South Welfare & Slums Housing Association

P. O. Box 6417
00200 Nairobi

Ansprechpartner: James Njoroge Gitau

+254 722 212171


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Über uns

KASWESHA is located at Kariobangi South Location, Embakasi Division, Nairobi Kenya.

KASWESHA was formed by a group of people living in KCC Slum Village in 1999 lead by the above mentioned contact person Mr. James Njoroge Gitau.

Our mission is to build better homes for our members especially as regards eradicating extreme poverty, hunger and slums.

We are engaged in various small scale trade groups that seek to enhance the savings of our members into the consolidated fund.

Our passion is to see that every member own a decent house, and that we reduce by half extreme poverty amongst members of Kariobangi South Community and also that deadly diseases like AIDS, T.B., Malaria is well taken care of on terms of prevention and if possible cure.

Currently we have 80 registered members and only 55 active members, most of our members are unemployed and lack even the most basic access to a three square meal.

But our circumstances do not derail our vision for a more equal society. We are committed to enhancing the capacity of our members in order to enable them live a comfortable life.

The pilot project is in Nairobi East District, Embakasi Division, Kariobangi South Location, at KCC Slum Village where the community there has lived as squatters since 1950’s but through the initiatives of this group in conjunction with Muungano wa Wana-vijiji (Federation of Slum Dwellers) and other Human Rights Oriented Organizations (over 500 Household) have been awarded permanent security of tenure, by receiving 0.015ha. Plots with Allotment Letters from the Nairobi City.

We are appealing to the other net participants, International investors, Charitable Organizations and Well-wishers through the Netzkraft Movement to come to our aid and assist in turning our dream into reality.

Meanwhile we kindly request for any assistance to enable us get on with the current hardship caused by after elections violence whereby most people have either been killed, injured or displaced and the situation has affected each and every Kenyan and especially the poorest of the poor like members of this group for even the prices of essential commodities has gone up tremendously.

Several members of this group are also leady to take refuge to any part of this World awaiting the situation here in Kenya to return back to normal.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Further we can give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.

On 17th October 2008 we planted 2000 trees seedlings to commemorate last year's Poverty Eradication Day.
Tree planting.
Tree planting.
Tree planting.
Tree planting.