Frishta Children

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Über uns

A child dies from poverty every 3 seconds - that's 30,000 children each and every day.

India has a third of the world's poor - more than any other country.
In India, 456 million people, or 42% of the population, live below the international poverty line.

India has an estimated 18 million street children.

Millions more are not in school and are involved in child labour, spending the day on the streets begging and the nights sleeping at the side of the road or on railway platforms.

Nigel and Rachel Studley have for many years wanted to take positive action and do something practical to help these desperately poor children to escape the grinding cycle of poverty that traps them and give them a home, an education, a hope and a future. So with others they have formed Frishta.

Frishta are building a children's village for Indian street children who have nothing and no-one.

• Living in a Frishta family home will transform their lives!
• The children can play and be themselves without the fear of being beaten up
• They can go to school - be able to read a book for the first time!
• They will get a good education, then a job and a place of their own to live
• Frishta helps them escape the grip of poverty over their lives and to become normal children again.

Frishta's Vision:

• to advance the welfare of Indian street, 'railway' and orphaned children through the relief of poverty, sickness and distress;
• to provide children's homes and education for street children through the establishment a school in a children's village in the Chandigarh area of Punjab, Northern India;
• to give these children a home, an education, a hope and a future;
• to create individual family homes with small families of no more then 12 children, each with their own facilities and dedicated house parents.

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