Nimfea Environment and Nature Conservation Association

Ecsegi u. 22
5420 Turkeve

Ansprechpartner: Anna Iványi

+ 36 56 361 505; +36 30 269 1426
+ 36 56 361 505


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Über uns

Nimfea Nature Conservation Association was established in 1993, from an initiative of college students. Since establishment the guiding principle of the organization was to have a diverse portfolio of activities, among which the two most important tasks are the practical implementation of conservationist programs and the wide range implementation of the environmental education and awareness raising.

The "Nimfea" works in the Great Hungarian Plain as a non-governmental organisation, solving tasks related to the environment- and nature protection.

First, the main activities of the organization were nature conservation and environmental education, then the scope of activities gradually expanded, like the democracy development framework program, which was created with the aim of strengthening local civil society.

Currently our programs are grouped under six framework programs:
• Biodiversity conservation (habitat and species protection, habitat reconstruction, ecological and biological researches).
• Environment protection (waste prevention and treatment, renewable energy resources etc.).
• Rural development (promotion of wise and sustainable use of natural resources, exploration of social impacts, agricultural activities, practical implementation of sustainability principles mainly through the Landscape Rehabilitation and Regional Development Program of Túrkeve).
• Democracy development (EU communication activities, strengthening the civil society, providing services to smaller organizations, participation in local government and most of the policy-related programs)
• Awareness raising (all of the environmental education activities: camps, forest schools, organizing events related to environmental days, the preparation of our publications, the maintenance of our on-line magazine, etc)
• Preservation of cultural heritage (conservation of traditional knowledge is the key to local sustainable livelihoods and strengthening local identity, so all complex rural development initiatives should integrate activities aiming to preserve folk traditions and cultural values)

Anna Ivanyi is the contact person of Nimfea Nature Conservation Association.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.