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Über uns

HURIDOCS is a global capacity-building network of organisations that use documentation techniques, monitoring methods, information management systems and technologies in the defence of human rights and the prevention of abuses.

Our Mission: To strengthen the capacity of human rights organisations to manage and communicate information, enhancing their effectiveness and credibility.

Our Goal: To ensure that human rights organisations have the tools, knowledge, skills and supporting services to use their information resources effectively.

Our objectives:

• To develop tools and techniques for monitoring, information management and communication; and
• to provide them to human rights organisations and national human rights institutions.
• To build the capacity of the human rights community to master and adapt these tools and techniques to their specific needs through training and other activities.
• To support human rights organisations to set up and strengthen their information systems.
• To improve human rights advocacy and reporting techniques.
• To expand human rights outreach and network capacity.
• To provide a centre of excellence on methods and techniques for human rights.

HURIDOCS is a decentralised network and has partnerships and collaboration with a large number of human rights organsations world-wide.

Bert Verstappen is the Programme Coordinator of the network.

For other net participants we can offer expert guidance through trained staff and procure expert information in the field of information management and documentation on human rights.