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Ansprechpartner: Prof. Scharl, Arno



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Über uns

The ECOresearch network, a in 2003 started network on environmental online communication, brings together scientists of different disciplines, to explore the design, implementation, management, funding, promotion and evaluation of networked information systems, that advocate sustainability and the protection of natural ecosystems. This environmental online communication initiates and facilitates dialog among researchers, environmental non-profit organizations, private and institutional investors, manufacturers, and governmental organizations. It promotes a structured discourse on competing social, economic, ethical and technological requirements - replacing compartmentalized knowledge with systems thinking, to better manage increasing complexity, uncertainty and risk. The network supports the research activities of its members, identifies synergies, coordinates the various projects and helps with resource acquisition.Current activities of the members cover a wide range of topics related to environmental online communication. To facilitate navigation, it distinguishs between web portals, technology research and development aid.

The network has as its ultimate goal, the generation and adoption of innovations. In the case of, this goal comprises the following topics:

- theoretical work on environmental online communication,
- case studies of planned and implemented systems,
- environmental matchmaking platforms and virtual communities,
- system architecture and maintenance of independent web portals,
- organizational and economic aspects of environmental web information systems,
- non-profit marketing, fundraising and electronic customer relationship management,
- click-to-donate programs, cause-related shopping sites,
- (online) media monitoring of environmentally relevant topics,
- customized development methodologies, that consider the dynamics, complexity and distributed character of environmental issues,
- information modelling with special regard to the dynamic aspects of environmental
web information systems.

For other net participants we can deliver a lecture, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.