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Über uns

Missione Calcutta is an independent organisation founded in 1992 with head offices in Italy and in Calcutta. It was set up following a meeting between the founder and Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

The main priority of the work of Missione Calcutta is to assist the most disadvantaged groups in India due to the caste system and the great divergence between rural and urban areas. Focusing particularly on children, Missione Calcutta works without discrimination of gender, religion or caste, concentrating its activity on helping the weakest. The organisation works in partnership and in association with local authorities and institutions, promoting development projects in various sectors within the communities in which it operates.

Our work
Education, Health, Work: these are the keys that Missione Calcutta uses to promote the development of the most disadvantaged categories in India.
Under the firm belief that education is the basis of development, Missione Calcutta supports and guarantees education for thousands of disadvantaged children and youngsters. The two instruments used by the association are child sponsorship and development projects.

• sponsorship program: Missione Calcutta has helped more than 7000 children since its foundation through its sponsorship program. The sponsorship provides everything a child needs: food, clothing, medicine, education, stationery and presents distributed to all the children in the same institute during festivities.. The child support covers the primary and secondary schooling up to the age of 18, unless the family moves to another area.
• Sewing Center for Girls
• Missione Calcutta School
• Helene Ehret Vision Center: The Helene Ehret Vision Centre was set up to carry out a free initial eye screening of the inhabitants of Tanuku and the surrounding villages
• Parkkal - Rehab Center: From the moment the institute was founded in 2006, Missione Calcutta has supported the efforts to save the innocent who embody all the tragedies of human destiny: poverty, disability and abandonment by poor families. These children need continual therapy in order not to lose the benefits of the physical and psychological rehabilitation.
• Mobile Clinic: Missione Calcutta has set up an ambulance, providing the necessary staff and medicines and every week it travels to the villages around Shanti Bhavan. The clinic provides health care and first aid, treating patients for deep cuts, burns, snake bites and seasonal health problems. Moreover, the clinic assists pregnant women up to the birth, ensuring care for the mother and baby which is essential for the survival of the newly born. The mobile clinic also runs vaccination campaigns against hepatitis A and B, malaria, polio and tuberculosis. The mobile clinic also organises health awareness and information events about how to prevent illnesses, how to use medicinal herbs and health care for mothers and young babies.
• Alternative Health Care Clinic
Micro projects
• A house for everyone: Missione Calcutta works so that needy families can live safely under a roof with four brick walls around them. They are simple houses with a bathroom and kitchen, a rarity in certain areas. Simple houses, yet with solid foundations, built in compliance with local regulations.
• A well for life: Missione Calcutta is providing wells of different types and for various uses:
• Food distribution: Missione Calcutta organises food distribution once a week. The distribution is organised by local volunteers.
• Aum Pranava Ashram Center: The Centre was founded in 1996 by Mrs Traude Englert, an Austrian woman, and her Indian husband. The centre was originally created to provide food and shelter to street dogs, but soon it was transformed into an orphanage for the miserable children of the area. They receive food, medical care, clothing and have the possibility to attend local schools. Missione Calcutta supports the centre with financial help.

Marialuisa Casella is the General Manager of Missione Calcutta,

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