Vidyanagar Nature Club (VNC)

101, Radha Darshan Behind Union Bank,
388120 Vallabh Vidyanagar, Anand, Gujarat

Ansprechpartner: Dhaval Patel

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Über uns

In 1988 VNC was born in minds of five teenagers, initiated with idea of sensitising youth for environment friendly future, with ideas of sharing simple joy of bird watching, cycling in the midst of nature, and enjoying being in nature’s lap at the outskirts of urban habitats.. Today it is one of the most versatile organisation, with wide range of activities which can be broadly bifurcated in three heads namely Environment Education, Conservation & Research and Awareness & Advocacy. Presently VNC, is registered in India as ‘Vidyanagar Nature Club‘ as Public Charitable Trust No: E/2659/Anand, and also registered as Non Profit charity / foundation in New Jersey, USA by Tax ID # 0477678774 & EIN:47-1531159 as 'Voluntary Nature Conservancy'.

VNC stands tall due to a committed team of volunteers who are the back bone of the activities and hence aptly gets its name as ‘Voluntary Nature Conservancy’. The team at VNC is dedicated to conserve environment and make sustainable efforts towards the same. The team believes in being rooted in the community and clarity of work; as a result complete transparency in the transactions (related to both fiscal and non-fiscal matters i.e. economic clarity and clarity of work) is maintained. This is also done to uphold the faith bestowed on us by our supporters, donors and volunteers. VNC carries out many activities in collaboration with many schools, colleges and Universities. One can join VNC as a member and then as a volunteer by filling up online form and paying dues.

In addition to our local supporters and donors, VNC is also supported by organisations like Global Environmental Actions (Japan), Rufford Foundation (UK), Idea Wild (USA), Duleep Matthai Nature Conservation Trust, Gujarat Forest Department (India) VNC is also accredited organisation by Global Environmental Facility (USA).

To sustain our activities of nature conservation and environmental education, we require your support and funds. Please visit our website or get in touch to support for the same. All donations to VNC are Tax deductible.

VNC's Activities can be broadly divided under three heads 1) Environment Education, 2) Conservation & Research & 3) Awareness & Advocacy

Environment Education

• Anubhav: Outdoor Experiential Educational Program
• Environment Education in Govt. Schools
• Nature Education Camps
• Organic Kitchen Gardening for Urban children

Conservation & Research

• Assessment of status, distribution and conservation issues of Forest Owlet in South Gujarat.
• Conservation of Indian wolf in human-dominated arid region of Kutch
• Crocodile Conservation in Charotar
• Developing solutions for Human Crocodile Conflicts, in Gujarat India.
• Man-Animal Conflict by Crocodile in Bharuch, Narmada and Surat District (selected Villages of Vadodara district)
• Mapping of road side Trees of Valabh Vidyanagar, Gujarat
• Quality assessment of Drinking Water in Anand –Vidyanagar
• Understanding and mitigating crop raiding of Indian Wild Ass in Little Rann of Kutch, Gujarat
• Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation

Awareness & Advocacy

• Arachnids: Documentation of Spiders of Gujarat
• Greenathon : 1/4th Marathon & 10km Cyclying
• OOSM : Observational Outing on Sunday Mornings
• Public Bio-Diversity Register, Vijaynagar Taluka, Sabarkantha, Gujarat
• Reptile Education Program
• Save the vultures campaign
• Snakebite Mitigation program.
• Tree Conservation within human habitat area
• Tree Plantation
• Walkability survey of Anand & Vidyanagar

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.