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Über uns

Founded as Forest Guardians in 1989, Forest Guardians merged with a carnivore protection non-profit, Sinapu, from Boulder, CO and became WildEarth Guardians in 2008. WildEarth Guardians works to protect and restore wildlife, wild places and wild rivers in the American West.

Our four programs use a combination of scientific analysis, litigation, and grassroots organizing to protect biodiversity of natural landscapes. WildEarth Guardians’ four programs work to bring people, science, and the law together in defense of the American West’s rivers, forests, deserts, grasslands, and the delicate web of life to which we are all inextricably linked.
• Wildlife: Our Wildlife Program focuses on preventing extinction and promoting recovery of imperiled native plants and animals across the West and beyond. Part of this program are the campaigns: Carnivore Protection; Endangered Species Listing; Ending the War on Wildlife; Prairie Dog Empire and Wolves.
• Wild Places: Our Wild Places Program protects both public and private land from a myriad of destructive practices and restores previously damaged areas. Our vision is clear and bold: vast, protected, wild landscapes interconnected by corridors that are free from the unmitigated impacts of human activity and teeming with the diversity of life. WildEarth Guardians is working to reform public lands policy and participating in on-the-ground forest and watershed restoration projects for healing public lands.
• Wild Rivers: Our Wild Rivers Program advocated for clean, free-flowing rivers and healthy streamside habitats by a River Policy Reform and River Restoration. Top Wild River Campaigns are: Free Flowing Rio-Grande; Stream Team; Ecosystem Restoration.
• Climate and Energy: Our Climate and Energy program is addressing the climate crisis by challenging fossil fuel extraction and use, promoting energy efficiency and promoting appropriate sustainable energy choices. Our Climate and Energy Program is focused on three campaigns: Power past coal; Protecting the wild skies of the American West; Advancing a 100% clean energy future.

John Horning is the Executive Director of WildEarth Guardians.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.