Mahavir International Foundation Trust

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Ansprechpartner: Vinay Sharma

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Über uns

Inspired by the noble teachings of Lord Mahavir, Mahavir International started out as a humble effort of a few like minded people in 1975 on the occassion of the 2500th Anniversary of Lord Mahavir´s Nirvana. Armed with the motto of "Love All Serve All" and the principle of "Live and let live", this organization took upon itself the task of promoting the philosophy and teachings of Non-violence, Non-injury, Truth, Ahimsa, Fellow-feeling and Brotherhood everywhere. These lofty ideals are of enduring significance and belong to the whole of humanity. They hold good for all times in all places.

Vision & Mission
• To promote teachings and philosophy of Lord Mahavir among the people of the world.
• To be true to our motto of "Love All Serve All".
• To promote doctrines of Truth, Ahimsa and Love and their practice in life.
• To infuse and practice the golden rule, "Live and Let Live".
• To promote active interest in the social cultural, moral and civic welfare of the society and to promote it.
• To hold discussions on all matters of public interest.
• To mobilize public opinion against social evils and out-dated customs.
• To provide assistance and extend help to those in distress and to the weaker sections of the society.

• Green & Clean India: We started theGreen India Tree plantation project in India in 2011. The maiden year target was to plant 2 lakh trees and we can proudly say that the enthusiasm and motivation of our members helped us achieve this target with ease and exceed it by successfully planting 2.5 lakh trees.
• Medical & Eye Care: Free Eye & Medical check-up camps are regularly organised for children, child labour, students and senior citizens and free spectacles are distributed where needed. Cataract detection camps and operation camps are held all the year round and we have also provided the facility of sponsored Cataract operations at select eye - hospitals on a need basis at any time of the year
• Child Care & Baby Kit: Infants deserve the best…may there be no illness because of a lack of clean clothes! The Baby Kit project had very humble beginnings. Startling revelations related to infant mortality and infant illness due to unhygenic infant clothes motivated members of Mahavir International Indore to start the Baby Kit Project way back in 2001. Mahavir International is providing the government maternity hospitals with baby kits (containing sets of vests, nappies, caps, bed sheets and baby covering sheets).

Vinay Sharma is the Secretary General of Mahavir International Foundation Trust.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.