Social Scientists Without Borders (SSWB)


Ansprechpartner: Hakim Bwanika


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Über uns

Social Scientists Without Borders (SSWB) is a non-profit organization which was created in Sweden in January 2010. Our mission is to engage universities, the non-profit and the private sectors to create a platform that connects knowledge and resources with need in order to create a positive global change through the development sector.

SSWB with its network of partners and members, aims to increase the potential for relations between the not-for-profit, academia and the private sectors through project development, work placement opportunities, consultancy, social entrepreneurship and management for the benefit of international development and social science.

• Rafiki Project:SSWB works with Project Africa on this simple but highly effective letter-writing program. Rafiki means ‘Friend’ in Swahili! In this program we find friends from all over the world to write to the women in our network in Kenya who are trying to improve their English language skills so that they might have a new future ahead of them and at the same time this project is giving those females a forum to express themselves through global and cross-cultural friendships.
• Malmo Environmental Project: The City of Malmo – one of the greenest in the world – takes a proactive approach to sustainability. By 2020, the City of Malmo aims to be climate neutral and by 2030 the entire municipality anticipates running on 100% renewable energy. In line with Malmo’s enthusiasm for sustainability, Social Scientists Without Borders has prepared a project proposal for the City’s “New Solutions for Cleaner Air” Project.
• Global Video Exchange Program: SSWB and World Partners for Development are committed to promoting cross-cultural learning that helps create dialogue, global awareness and understanding between cultures and providing the platform for global co-operation. Our innovative Global Cross-Cultural Exchange Program links people from different cultures around the world to exchange their viewpoints on a range of topics through a live face-to-face interactive video conferencing and international community visits. Our all year round global video conferencing program helps connect people, ideas, and knowledge.
• Solar Light for Remote Schoolchildren: SSWB is helping World Partners for Development to empower such school children in their night studies by supplying them with solar lanterns.

Hakim Bwanika is a Management Member of SSWB.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.