EKPAZ (Hellenic Wildlife Hospital)

P.O. 57 ; The Metochi Region
18010 Aegina

Ansprechpartner: Matina Palli

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Über uns

The Hellenic Wildlife Hospital (HWH) or Ekpaz, the acronym in Greek, is a non profit, non Governmental Organization. It started its activity in 1984, having been the first wildlife rehabilitating center in the Balkans and the east Mediterranean. Since 1990 it operates as an NGO and resides in the island of Aegina.

HWH helped to form the legal framework concerning the management of wildlife in a state of captivity in Greece. Furthermore, it was the first wildlife rehabilitating center that acquired a special license of capture and management (possession, treatment and release) of wild animals by the Greek Authorities, by which it is controlled.

HWH operates through a vast network of volunteers, collaborating organizations, first aid stations and departments covering the whole country.

It is dedicated to the:
• Treatment, rehabilitation and release of all species of wild fauna, encountered in Greece.
• Awareness and information of the public on wildlife protection issues.
• Protection of endangered species.
• Research on threats to wildlife and wildlife rehabilitation (illegal shooting & trapping, poisoning & environment pollution´s effects, habitat degradation and destruction) and taking preventative action.
• Cooperation with public authorities, national and international NGOs with similar goals.
• Breeding in a state of captivity, of non releasable animals, that belong to protected and endangered species of the Greek Fauna.

Matina Palli is the Activities Director of the Hellenic Wildlife Hospital (HWH) or Ekpaz (in Greek).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.

a young volunteer fron Japan,while bringing fresh fish to the Great White Pelicans
a young volunteer from Denmark,while holding a shot Honey Buzzard,during the cleaning of his cage