Colonia Esterito C.P. 23020
La Paz, Baja California Sur

Ansprechpartner: Ernesto Vázquez Morquecho

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Über uns

In 1990 a group of concerned citizens dedicated to the conservation of the biodiversity in Baja California Sur formed a non-profit mexican organization named Sociedad de Historia Natural Niparajá (Niparajá).

In Niparajá, we believe that the natural heritage of Baja California Peninsula and its surrounding waters is unique and it must be preserved to mantain the region´s ecological integrity and to provide for the well being of its people. Niparajá exists to meet this need by developing innovative models of conservation and environmental governance.

Our aim is to forge an exemplary society; where numerous people, groups and institutions have the skills, confidence and societal support to address environmental problems and drive positive change for them and for the environment.

Our mission is to perpetuate the natural assets that distinguish Baja California Sur, as a result of actions by consensus and with scientific basis, for the benefit of local communities, and present and future generations.

Nowadays three program areas define and guide our efforts
Marine conservation
• Management strengthening of the Archipelago Espiritú Santo National Park.
• Protection of the natural and social heritage of Balandra.
• Effective management of marine protected areas in the Gulf of California.
• Strengthening of the institutions and fishing practices in the San Cosme-Punta Mechudo Corridor.
• Learning together: Sharing information and building networks to achieve sustainable fisheries.
• The creation of good governance schemes for the conservation of key micro-regions.
Land conservation
• Protecting the south part of the San Cosme-Punta Mechudo Corridor as a result of private mechanisms of conservation.
• Protection of natural and cultural heritage of Sierra de la Giganta and Guadalupe as a result of the creation of a Biosphere Reserve.
• Building models of rural sustainable development and strengthening the capabilities of the communities in the San Cosme-Punta Mechudo Corridor.
• First steps for the wetland complex conservation in Magdalena Bay
• Water dialogues; promote an integrated perspective for the management and use of the watershed of La Paz in Baja California Sur.
• Defend Baja California Sur from the Gold threat.

Ernesto Vázques Morquecho is the Coordinator of the Sustainable Fundraising Program of Niparajá.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.