Sai Educational Rural & Urban Development Society (SERUDS)

D.No.46-740, GMK Street, Budhavarapeta
518002 Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh

Ansprechpartner: Mallikarjuna

+91- 9849977577; +91- (08518) 255626


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Über uns

Sai Educational Rural & Urban Development Society (SERUDS), a NGO in Kurnool mainly works for Elderly People (Old folks), Senior Citizens, Women, Youth and Child Development since its inception from 2003.

Our Objectives
• To provide educational support to poor students belongs to economically disadvantaged, child labourers, disabled, orphans, semi orphans.
• To sensitize destitute women and adolescent girls on their rights & entitlements.
• To empower poor women and promote SHGs and to empower and organize persons with disability.
• To help and sponsor old age persons midday meal, groceries to enable them to get timely food and to prevent malnutrition and promote nutritional diet among children, adolescents and women.
• To rehabilitate orphan and street children and to rehabilitate child labour, street children, orphans to sensitize them on their rights.
• To take up relief and rehabilitation for the victims of Natural Calamities like floods.
• To educate and enlighten the indigenous tribals and remote rural masses.
• To empower youth and provide vocational/ skill development trainings for sustainable livelihoods and to promote adult & informal education among rural masses and slum dwellers.
• To sensitize public on health & sanitation, education, environment, consumer rights, road safety and other social issues.
• To promote scientific temper and take up IT to grass roots
• To work for rural development and slum development.
• To empower dalits and organize them to enjoy human rights and constitutional rights.
• To prevent and control HIV/ AIDS, TB, Malaria and to conduct medical health camps to the remote rural tribals.
• To conduct seminars, impact studies, workshops, research study and awareness campaign on educational policies, statistics, health, legal issues, women and children developmental activities.
• To work for sustainable agricultural development and promote organic farming.
• To create unity, integrity and communal harmony.

• Health Checkup and Distribution of Medicines to Tribals
• Computer Training Program to the educated unemployed youth under Skill Development Initiative
• Sponsor Old Age People - Meals for Destitute Elderly - Food for Oldage People
• Food Scheme for Elderly - Sponsor Oldage Home - Helping Senior Citizens
• Women Development Projects in Andhra Pradesh: Vocational Skill Development Programs; Livelihood – Economic Empowerment of Women

Mr. Mallikarjuna is the President of the Sai Educational Rural & Urban Development Society (SERUDS).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.