Saint Leonard Health and Research Foundation (SLHERF Cameroon)

P.O Box 650 ; Street 2;
Bobende, Limbe,

Ansprechpartner: Dr. Sinda Kouemou Leontine

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Über uns

Created in 2010 by Dr Sinda Kouemou Leontine, Saint Leonard Health and Research Foundation (SLHERF) is a non-governmental non racial, non religious and apolitical organization composed of professionals from different background and volunteers who work together for social/economic inclusion, health and human rights targeting the less privileged especially women and children through education, vocational training and bringing quality primary health care through our charity branch Humanitarian Without Borders closer to the undeserved, non accessible and rural populations in Cameroon.

Our vision
Reduce poverty and infectious diseases alarming rate, improve reproductive health, water, hygiene and sanitation through effective participation and empowerment of more rural women and young girls.

Our mission
To develop effective strategies to reach the less privileged especially women and children in non accessible, rural, and underserved zones and refugees camps with quality primary health care, essential drugs, vocational training, education on preventive methods against infectious diseases and cancers, rural women and young girls empowerment and capacity building of health care workers in rural health centers in Cameroon and Africa.

General objective:
• Educate and bring primary health care closer to the underserved communities and less privileged especially women and children in non accessible rural zones in Cameroon, and fight against socio / economic exclusion and gender based violence.
Specific objectives:
• To develop mobile strategies to reach more women and children with education, primary health care and essential drugs so as to reach rural women with Ante Natal Care and emergency care in case of complications in underserved, non accessible, rural zones and refugees camps in Cameroon, Africa.
• To reinforce human resources in quantity and in quality in non accessible rural zones through vocational training, workshops, seminars and conferences for better management and prevention of infectious diseases in children under five (05) years old and pregnant women.
• To sensitize the rural communities on the benefit of vaccinating a child under 0-05 years old, the benefit of education, the protection of environment, hygiene and sanitation.
• To reinforce IEC activities on behavioral change and create awareness on diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases, STIs, hepatitis B and C, HIV/AIDS, cancers, unwanted pregnancies and abortion.

Our work
• The NGO is divided into four departments: a primary health care setting, a paramedical and premedical training school, community empowerment project, and a research department.
• Humanitarians Without Borders is the charity branch of SLHERF that empower community through health and education. Our projects range from basic research in our labs to field trips across the regions of Cameroon.
• We engage the rural populations and local authorities during free health campaigns into sensitization, vaccination, human rights, environmental campaigns and education programs and more.
• Action W2D (women for rural women empowerment and sustainable development). We work with rural communities to provide clean water supply, VIP toilets in rural health clinics and schools, and build women empowerment centers for vocational training of rural young girls and women
• Saint Leonard Humanitarian Clinic is a primary health care setting where all our research, operations and trainings take place.

Dr. Sinda Kouemou Leontine is the Founder and CEO of Saint Leonard Health and Research Foundation (SLHERF).

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Also we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.