LINK-UP Charity Foundation (LINK-UP)

ENAP Entrance Buea, Buea, South West
P.O. Box 01 Cameroon

Ansprechpartner: Musi, U.T. Roland

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Über uns

LINK-UP activities initially went public in 2000. On this occasion, clothing, food stuff and essential medicine collected from within the Buea community, were donated to the inmates of the Buea central prison. The experience and encouragement acquired from these exercises paved the way for the creation of LINK-UP Charity Foundation.

LINK-UP Charity Foundation is based in Cameroon and was founded with a goal, to serve as a link between vulnerable children and goodwill individuals, families and organisations. These vulnerable children include orphans, children who have lost one parent and children from extremely poor families.

LINK-UP is a relief organization with a mission to enable less privileged children attain self-fulfillment. This is done by assisting them directly to develop their full physical, intellectual and spiritual potentials, by enhancing their access to education as well as improve on the purchasing power of their poor parents or guardians through alternative education, training, credit, counselling and advisory programmes.

The foundation identifies and provides direct small-scaled and child-centred assistance to needy children. In 2003 it launched the Global Guardian Parent Programme. This programme is aimed at linking destitute children, who are willing and not able to go to school, learn a trade, afford basic nutrition, medication, clothing and shelter. The sponsor of a child is known as a Guardian Parent. LINK-UP also provides assistance to poor rural community projects, poor village Primary schools without enough sitting desk, having dilapidating structures and other destitute private welfare intuitions operating in difficulties within the community.

Education is at the core of its agenda. A child's right to education should not depend solely on the economic capacity of his/her parents blood or relations. The right to good education is the most fundamental right of a child. Unfortunately as a result of poverty, many children miss-out of education. Every day, children lose their parents and the support that allows them to go to school. Those without close relations or caregivers are abandoned to the faith of nature and might be considered as "human endangered species". LINK-UP's goal is:

- to identify and reach out to less privileged children irrespective of their origin within the area of operation,
- to enhance the purchasing power of their parents or guardians by making optimum use of their labour and other resources.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Further we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, deliver a lecture, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.