Citizens AIDS Survival Trust (CAST)

230 Samora Machel Ave

Ansprechpartner: Chiweza, David

+263-23-412478, +263-4-608992


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Über uns

The Citizens AIDS Survival Trust (CAST) is a Zimbabwean HIV and AIDS crisis response initiative by a group of citizens comprising, businessmen, industrialists, strategists, workers, former military officers, commercial workers and peasants. It is the only organization in Zimbabwe that attempts to think outside the limiting parameters of National HIV and AIDS policy frameworks, offering instead, alternative policies for controlling HIV and AIDS in Zimbabwe and the rest of the world. Our services:

- Strategy: A major weakness of institutions fighting HIV and AIDS is a lack of strategic understanding. Many of them are brilliant clinical officers operating at a micro-level. CAST can provide strategy related training on HIV and AIDS issues in order to broaden the minds of such people so that their expertise can be used more effectively.
- Change Management: CAST has a number of change management experts who can broaden the minds of campaigners and release them from some of the trappings of establishment, history, culture, traditions, values and fears.
- The Embryo Effect: CAST has the expertise and title to the Embryo Effect Model of HIV prevention and can provide speakers and advisory services to groups interested in sharing and running the vision in their locality.
- National HIV Prevention Strategy Consultants: CAST has experts to identify strategy gaps in national strategies and to recommend strategy options.
- Behaviour Change Consultants: CAST provides expertise in behaviour change strategies and can provide training on various options available on practical behaviour modification.
- Speaker Service: CAST is readily available to provide speakers on the Embryo Effect strategy and to participate in workshops and strategy fora. There is no doubt that CAST offers challenging strategy alternatives to the HIV and AIDS arena.

David Chiweza is the founder and Executive Director of the organization.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities and deliver a lecture in any field dealing with HIV/AIDS.