Turtle Rescue of Long Island (TRLI)

PO Box 359
NY11720 Centereach
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Ansprechpartner: Julie Maguire


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Über uns

Turtle Rescue of Long Island was founded by Julie Maguire in 2004. There was a need for a network to help the many turtles and tortoises that people could no longer keep as pets to help find them a new home, as well as helping to rehabilitate and release the many native turtles found sick and injured.

We also consistently urge everyone to stop selling and breeding species like the Sulcata tortoise which is the third largest tortoise in the world and one of the most surrendered in rescues because of their large size. They are mistreated, neglected and abused causing them great stress and illness because of lack of knowledge in their care. We attend expos on a regular basis to share our knowledge and care sheets for these magnificent tortoises as well as all chelonian species kept as pets. We also try to discourage the sale of Red ear slider turtles which are another turtle that there are just an over-abundance of in rescues.

The public is encouraged to keep wild turtles in the wild and not disrupt them. Education is a main concern for Turtle Rescue of Long Island so we are always looking to encourage research to anyone thinking of keeping any species for a pet. Our motto is “Turtle: Lifetime Commitment, Forever Pet” because they live so long they will most likely outlive their keeper.

Turtle Rescue of Long Island is also a recognized sanctuary to many turtles and tortoises that will live out their lives here. Some that were taken from the wild and not cared for properly which rendered them unreleasable and others that were unwanted pets. We do out best to provide a good life for all of them. Since our incorporation we have taken in and placed nearly 1,000 turtles and tortoises in new homes and rehabilitated countless native turtles.

We hope to continue to educate and help the many turtles and tortoises but do hope that in the future there will be less that need our help. We hope that the pet trade will cease and we won’t see so many being sold.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.

Bladder stone removed from a 35 pound Sulcata from poor care
One of the many Sulcata tortoises that come into our rescue
Poster we use for our fundraiser showing some turtles and tortoises