Action In Development - AID

AID Complex, Shatbaria, P.O Box # 3
7300 Jhenidah

Ansprechpartner: Aminul Islam Bakul

+88 0451-61196


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Über uns

Action In Development-AID, a non profit voluntary organization, started its activities from December 17, 1992 with its own resource in a community of Jhenaidah District.

Vision: To build a democratic, rightful, accountable and just society & nation to establish the dignified life of the people that is to ensure a just, enlightened, healthy and democratic society free from hunger, poverty, exploitation and environmental degradation irrespective of cast, race, religion, sex and age.

Mission: To aware and upgrade socio-economic condition of the disadvantaged people in Bangladesh such as women, children, people with disability, laborers and farmers so that they can collectively play the active role to establish a rightful, accountable and just society and nation.

Goal: The ultimate goal of AID is to upgrade the living standard of the underprivileged and poverty stricken people through their development and positive change in socially and culturally.

• People with Disabilities Rehabilitation Program: Capacity building and Treatment; Inclusive Education; Orthopedic Workshop
• Human Rights and Good Governance Program: Ensuring Justice at Rural Level; Prevention of Early Marriage, Polygamy and Family repression among the Dalit Community; Maternity Allowance for the Poor Mother; Strengthening Local Government
• Agricultural Development Program: To ensure the livelihoods, rights and economic security of the farmers by making their accessibility to the government provided services and technical facilities. Access Creation and Association Building for Agricultural Development; Integrated Agriculture; Aquaculture; Sustainable Organic Agriculture; Combat Climate Change; Biodiversity Conservation; Nursery and Forestry Program
• Health and WATSAN Program: To upgrade the health status of the poor and disadvantaged People. Smoke Free Khulna Division through Effective Enforcement of Smoke free Provision of Tobacco Control Law; Hygiene Promotion & Arsenic Mitigation; HIV/AIDs & STD Prevention
• Economic & Human Resource Development Program: Micro-Finance and SME Services; Housing for the destitute; Human Resource Development through AID Central Training Center-ACTC
• Education, Training and Environment Preservation and Disaster Management program: Early Childhood Development – ECD; Non-Formal Education – NFE; Relief works; Community awareness raising on disaster risk reduction and management
• Culture and Heritage Preservation program

Aminul Islam Bakul is the Executive Director of Action In Development-AID.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Also we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.

A teacher of AID is teaching speech and hearing impaired children AID special school.
Child Education to enlarge their capabilities