Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights)

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Ansprechpartner: Okay Machisa

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Über uns

Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights) is an indigenous non-profit making Non Governmental Organisation. The Association was founded in 1992 and can be described as a network of human rights activists, most of them grass roots based.

ZimRights key goal is to make the subject of human rights a household issue and a concern of all Zimbabweans.

Our vision
To develop a culture of human rights among individuals and all sectors of society in Zimbabwe.

Our mission
To promote, protect and defend human rights in Zimbabwe in order to empower people through networking, education programmes, publications, legal aid and lobbying.

Main focus: Peace building, advocacy and human rights education

• Promoting [through a deliberate outreach programme] human rights for all people regardless of status.
• Assisting the marginilised sectors of the community by providing them with relevant education and information in order to assert their rights and seek improvement of their living conditions.
• Acting as a voice of the voiceless, the oppressed and the disadvantaged groups and aiming at empowering all citizens to be active participants in a democratic society.
• Carrying out research into injustices and the underlying causes of these and finding a remedy through documentation and recommendations based on established facts.
• Lobbying the Zimbabwe Government to commit itself to good governance through ratifying important international human rights instruments and to rededicate itself to its commitment to observe, protect and respect human rights and dignity of the individual through constantly reminding it of its international obligations.
• Co-operating with other human rights organisations locally, regionally and internationally who are striving to advance the cause of human rights.

• One of its most prominent preoccupations in the last turbulent years of the country was to collect information on human rights abuses in preparation for transitional justice.
• It also provided food and shelter for people displaced by the political violence that swept across the country in the elections of 2009, and has in the past organised memorials for victims of human rights abuses.
• ZimRights has opened hotline phone numbers for members of the public to report human rights violations.

Okay Machisa is the National Director of the Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.