Green for Life Foundation (G4L)

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Ansprechpartner: Curtis Arathoon

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Über uns

Green for Life Foundation (G4L) is an environmental organization with a difference. We promote sustainable alternative technologies and promote activities for creating a Green Society. Our Motto: Green for Life is both a belief and a commitment and we encourage everyone to join hands with us for building a Green future and leaving a healthy planet for the next generation.

G4L is dedicated to bringing about a change of attitudes and ideas, towards a sustainable life. Together with our partners we are focused on:
• Green awareness, especially for the young
• Sustainable agriculture and safe food
• Waste reduction and recycling (especially plastic waste)
• Green transport
• Innovation in Solar and other green technologies

Based in Kolkata, G4L is a registered charitable trust started in 2011 and since then has been actively working:
• To promote environmental awareness in society especially among youth in schools and colleges, clubs and institutions.
• To find eco-friendly solutions for a sustainable and pollution free environment.
• To encourage the use of recycled and eco-friendly products.
• To support, promote and network with farmers to cultivate crops by practicing natural farming methods (organic).
• Campaigning for collection and recycling of waste poly bags in collaboration with Schools, Colleges, Institutions, Clubs, Markets, Residential Complexes & Shopping Malls.
• Adopting innovative low cost technologies for recycling waste poly bags & paper and converting them into useful products.

Inhouse Projects:
• Urban waste removal. Study of municipal methods for garbage collection and disposal; "NO to plastic" campaign; Less to Landfills. Pilot project in a Kolkata locality to encourage segregation of household waste, so that plastic and recyclables are prevented from reaching the landfill; Organic cultivation
Projects of
• GreenRoots. A project in Kolkata´s schools to green young minds, through talks, film, quizzes and eco-activity; PlanetPoints. PlanetPoints is´s eco-labelling programme which currently focuses in certifying The Pujas - the largest cultural event in Bengal - greening the festival through direct interaction, input and planning with local Puja organisers.; Green Gadgets. creates and build a "green gadget" as proof of concept and inspiration to green enthusiasts, who can replicate or acquire the gadget from the Green for Life Foundation. Previous gadgets have been mini Solar water heater, Solar Oven (2 models). A solar cooler for rural areas and a non-motorised, car-like vehicle, are still under development; Return2Life
Projects with Development Research Communication and Service Centre (DRCSC):
• Building and supporting farmers network. DRCSC has been working towards the promotion and empowerment of organic farmers, with distribution and marketing of organic products; Organic Farmer Monitoring and Assistance. This phase of the support network has started with the establishment of a Organic Agri Info Service.

Curtis Arathoon is one of the trustees of Green for Life (G4L).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.