Sukalyan Welfare society

Baguiati, Hatiara Road
700157 Helabattala, Kolkata

Ansprechpartner: Kamal Karmakar

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Über uns

Sukalyan Welfare Society is a Non- Profit Organization working in the state of West Bengal mainly aims to create awareness about severe health issues, enhance innovative education & promote digital intervention among the CSO´s & Rural Community.

Sukalyan Welfare Society is a Government Registered Voluntary Organization, founded in 2004, implementing different welfare activities with prime focus to improve community health and ensuring rights among the marginalized women and children. These activities are being implementing in close collaboration with different State & Central departments along with active community support.

´Healthy community, healthy environment and healthy world´, following this mission we are going to establish our voluntary organization in the way of humanitarian appeal and performing some activities by our possible efforts and accessibilities.

In view of this mission we start our organization with some educational and health related activities taking few downtrodden persons. We shall reach into our goal by way of real perspective- fighting against hunger, illness, poverty, unemployment, pollution. Taking by those protective measures against the above social illness we can accelerate the social motivation of community trust in the fields– health and hygiene, education, employment generation, and pollution.

Our projects:
• Health Projects: Axshya India Project, Global Fund Round 9 TB Project, West Bengal; Sputum collection centre; Integrated National Diabetes Prevention & Control Programme (INDPCP); Advocacy, Communication & Social Mobilization Project (ACSM) on Tuberculosis Control: Community Awareness; Training of RHCP and health workers; Participation in RNTCP in PPP model.
• Education: Kamalkali (Urban Slum Children Education Project, West Bengal) - It is a city based education program managed, implemented, funded by Sukalyan Welfare Society,
• ICT: eNGO International Programme: The eNGO programme, a national movement, is a joint effort of Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) and Public Interest Registry (PIR) to make grassroots organizations ICT enabled by providing a web-enabled platform through free website, domain name, and providing capacity building through the eNGO training programme; Access 2 Apex Programme: This programme is a self funded programme of Sukalyan Welfare Society, which mainly aims to digitally empower the rural youths through the ICT tools like Laptop & Tablet; ´Yogayog´ Initiative: We are scouting, recognizing those parents and guardians whose wards live abroad and can´t have any kind of communication with them for the lacking of communication media & minimum digital literacy. We help them to communicate through Skype; Awareness, Survey & Video usage for sanitation improvement:

Kamal Karmakar is the Secretary of the Sukalyan Welfare Society.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.