Kesho Kenya

A chance to be a child and a chance in life

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Über uns

Founded in 2004 Kesho Kenya is a charity offering holistic support for children as they embark on an educational and enriching journey with us from childhood through to young adulthood. Through Kesho Kenya, vulnerable children are becoming empowered and educated, realising their dreams and beginning to break the cycle of poverty.

Our Mission
To advance access to education and employment for vulnerable young people living in the coast of Kenya, through a long-term holistic approach which includes:
• Financial Support to Access Education
• Academic and Literacy Support
• Enrichment and Training
• Child Protection and Family Support

• Access to Education: we support children from nursery to university. Access is just the start of children´s enriching and educational journey with us. Our holistic, long-term approach gives students the time and space they need to find the path that´s right for them.
• Academic Support: Kesho Kenya listens and responds and supports children on their educational and enriching journey with us. We meet every student once a term to review their progress, celebrate their achievements and offer advice and encouragement on all aspects of school and home life. Warning signs are caught early and individual support given.
• Literacy Support: Kesho Kenya children are passionate about books. From learning pre-reading skills and listening to stories it doesn´t take long for Kesho children to discover the freedom and fun of becoming independent readers. Through games and art we develop pre-reading skills. Once on the ladder they follow an English and a Swahili reading scheme; learning at their own pace with encouragement and fun.
• Youth Development: Kesho Kenya prepares children for their future - students make their own choices in taking up opportunities and deciding their future paths as they become independent young adults. We provide encouragement while they remain firmly in the driving seat. Financial Support at College and University and provision of lap tops to keep our students on a par with their peers. Training courses and workshops in: IT & Entrepreneurship offered to all school leavers in their first year; Life skills, HIV and Reproductive and Sexual Health. Work Experience and lots of volunteer opportunities in the Kesho Office and resource centre. Allround support for job, scholarship and internship applications.
• Training: ca. 30 Enrichment and training events for everyone; Kesho Kenya´s resource centre is the focus of all our events; safe and vibrant. We respond to need and ensure our events are relevent and fun for Kesho Kenya students and their families
• Child Protection: Kesho Kenya works closely with children, schools, families and other duty bearers in the county to raise child protection awareness and to undertake case management through: Advocacy and County Influence; Promoting Child Protection in Schools; Workshops for all Kesho Children and Parents; Eight Community Child Protection Cluster Groups; Case management of child abuse cases.

Evans Odhiambo is the Executive Director of Kesho Kenya.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.