Instituto de Investigacion para la Creacion y Proteccion de Bosques, Forestales y Fauna Silvestre

Paraiso 2000

Urb. Tahuaycani F - 28, Sachaca.

Ansprechpartner: Anthony Gomez Holley

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Über uns

We are at the moment, a small group of people who form our NGO, "less people, faster decisions, and less expenses!" but like most NGO´s of our type, we lack financial help. Our NGO, Asociacion: "Instituto de Investigacion para la Creacion y Proteccion de Bosques, Forestales y Fauna Silvestre" was created way back in November 1995, where we named our Program "Paraiso 2000" optimistically thinking that by that year, it would have been well on its way, unfortunately this has not happened yet due to this countries bureaucracy!

However, after all these wasted and frustrating years, we have at last overcome the main obstacle, (First step) and our Regional Government has recently declared the almost 110.000 hectares of arid coastal land in the County of Arequipa, Peru, to be included in the "National System of Protected Natural Areas". (Step two) our Regional Government will be registering the mentioned land with INRENA (National Institute of Natural Resources). Finally (Step three) is to receive from INRENA the promised authorization that will allow our NGO to commence administrating the mentioned land.

This land, over the years has been systematically destroyed by man and his grazing animals, it used to be a semi-tropical zone, with a large variety of wild animal life and luscious vegetation. Through our NGO, we intend to restore it, with a large sustainable Wood/Forest/Water program. The water for such project will be obtained from the now popular Fog Collectors, which have a high yield of water per square meter of mesh, also, artificial water-wells will be made (using wind mills for pumping up the water) as at this point, all subterranean water is on its way to be wasted into the Pacific Ocean. Watering will be done with the drip-feed method, at least to start with.

This project will greatly counteract our deteriorating ecology, as well as helping mankind and Mother Nature in general. We would like to start our Foresting Program, by supplying drinking water to a near by town, supplied of course, by our artificial Fog Collector System, which in later years will be a natural collector through the newly created woods and forests. The project should greatly benefit the people of our region. There are many projects that could be created within our project once the vegetation is doing its work!

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