The Farm and Garden National Trust (F&G Trust)

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Ansprechpartner: Robert Small

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Über uns

The Farm and Garden National Trust was established to raise funds to spread knowledge, expertise and resources to emerging micro-farmers and gardeners nationally.
There exists a tremendous need throughout South Africa for support, assistance and funding for community-based projects in poor and needy communities, particularly self-help projects involving micro-farming (organic and bio-dynamic gardening and small farming).

The Farm and Garden National Trust aims to:
• Eradicate poverty: On 100m2 it is possible to grow all the fresh food a family of five needs, year round. With a bit of training, such micro-farms can also provide many income generation opportunities.
• Foster employment: 500m2 of land can create one full time job, plus many other spin-off income earning opportunities.
• Improve people’s physical and social health: People’s overall health and wellbeing will improve through their eating of organically grown vegetables and their physical participation in cooperative micro-farming projects.
• Protect the environment: The Trust helps to improve the environment and also help reduce the carbon footprint through supporting organic methods of farming and local production.

Through the Farm and Garden National Trust, organic micro-farmers in poor communities can get a minimum of ongoing help.
In order to achieve its objectives, the Farm and Garden National Trust:
• Raises funds to assist micro-farmers and their activities.
• Promotes the provision of training, support or assistance to community-based projects.
• Provides permanent follow-up support to micro-farmers.
• Assists community-based organisations to associate with and share skills, experience and resources with other, similar community-based projects, and associations serving such projects.
• Supplies subsidised assessment services to micro-farming associations to assist them to continually evaluate their progress and improve practice.
• Supplies free and/or subsidised professional services (organisational development, accounting and legal) to micro-farming groups and associations which directly support micro-farmers through selected partners/service providers.

The Farm and Garden National Trust promotes Abalimi as the leading national best practice, replicable role model, for community and family farming among the poor in South Africa.

Robert Small is a founding member of the F&G Trust.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.